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WATCH: NBC News Reports On McCain’s Death, Makes Embarrassing Error

By  Ryan Saavedra

NBC News made an embarrassing mistake at the conclusion of their special coverage of Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) death, cutting to an episode of “America’s Got Talent” that showed a disturbing scene involving two men dressed as dolphins.

“And again this evening, the breaking news, NBC News confirming the death of Senator John McCain at the age of 81,” the NBC News host said. “This has been an NBC News special report, we will return to regular programming on the NBC network. Our live coverage continues on MSNBC.”

Those on the east coast were then cut back into NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” where they were exposed to two overweight shirtless men wearing dolphin masks who made lewd sexual gestures and then pretended to make out.

The scene, which was disturbing in nature, was widely criticized on Twitter after a clip of it went viral.


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