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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi BAILS On Anti-Tax Bill Protest After Only A Handful Of Angry Leftists Show Up

A handful of anti-tax cut protesters were left abandoned and confused Wednesday after Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi bailed on their event, apparently fearing a public relations backlash in the face of the public’s unexpected embrace of Donald Trump’s tax reform bill.

MSNBC reporters watched in horror as a protest expected to draw Pelosi along with more than 300 other progressive activists, dwindled to only a few dozen attendees, and then broke up completely.


The reporter was noticeably disappointed.

“This particular protest was supposed to start at three, it was supposed to feature Nancy Pelosi, and it’s supposed to have hundreds of people, and none of those things are going to end up being true,” he said.

By the time the protest began, the GOP had marshaled enough votes to pass the tax reform bill, and companies were already announcing celebratory Christmas bonuses and minimum wage hikes. As MSNBC and others downplayed the effects of a $1,000-per-year advantage for most tax payers, public support seemed clearly in Donald Trump’s favor.

Rep. Pelosi has been noticeably absent since the bill’s passage. After decrying that the tax cut would kill children, maim the elderly, drive millions into the poorhouse — if not straight into the morgue — and bankrupt the middle class at the behest of corporate billionaires, Pelosi and her caucus announced that they would not put a repeal of the measure on the table for 2018, and that no Democratic legislative response is planned anytime in the near future.

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