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WATCH: MSNBC’s Matthews Says Conflict Over Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Will Be ‘Like Spanish Civil War’

By  Ryan

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said on Wednesday that Democrats need to battle tenaciously in the “fight of the century” over President Donald Trump’s forthcoming Supreme Court justice nominee, later likening the situation to the Spanish Civil War.

Matthews fretted that anyone who is not conservative will think that the courts are partisan against them if Trump gets to pick another Supreme Court justice, The Washington Free Beacon noted.

“So I would say, I think this is going to be the fight of the century,” Matthews told MSNBC host Ali Velshi. “I think the Democrats have to say ‘No way, none pasario, no one passes this line.'”

Matthews then eluded to a potential armed conflict breaking out.

“I think it’s going to be almost like Spanish Civil War stuff,” Matthews continued. “You watch the next few months.”


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