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WATCH: MSNBC Commentator Says Dems Should Target Trump Voters, Not Trump, Calls Voters Nazis

Remember when Hillary Clinton referred to Trump voters as “deplorables?”

Now one MSNBC commentator has gone further, likening all Trump voters to Nazis.

On Friday, unhinged MSNBC leftist commentator Donny Deutsch said that Democrats should target Trump voters, making the November election a referendum on them being terrible people, likening them to Nazis.

Speaking on “Morning Joe,” host Mika Brzezinski, whose Trump Derangement Syndrome has already reached epic proportions, prompted Deutsch by asserting:

… Even though the president has traumatized small children, many of whose families were seeking asylum. This is not one of those things where maybe or maybe not he’s gone too far. He knows he’s gone too far, and Donny Deutsch, you know what the president’s thinking; he’s pulling back because this is a massive P.R. failure, and whether Ivanka said, “Daddy, this doesn’t look good,” or Trump said that Ivanka said, “Daddy this doesn’t look good,” that reporting is fascinating. You know why? Because that’s all they care about: what it looks like. It’s deranged; it’s abusive; it’s cruel; it’s evil, and the entire world is watching. It is now the time that he has gone too far. Question mark. Go.

Deutsch responded:

I wanna attach what you just said to the question that Carter asked John about; politicizing; I could put an exclamation mark about everything you said. It was particularly reprehensible when Ivanka said, “It looks a certain way.”

What has to happen now is this can no longer be about who Trump is. It has to be about who we are, if we are working towards November. We can no longer say Trump’s the bad guy. If you vote for Trump, you’re the bad guy. If you vote for Trump, you are ripping children from parents’ arms. The mistake that we’ve made in the past, is “Look at that bad guy over there. Look at that bad guy.”

What the Democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum on not who Trump is, but who you are. That’s the big difference. You can no longer now as a voter — because it’s not about taxes, it’s not even about some abstract term of immigration or nationalism; if you vote for Trump then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, going “You here, you here.”

And I think we now have to flip it and it’s a given, the evilness of Donald Trump. But if you vote, you can no longer separate yourself. You can’t say, well he’s okay, but — and I think that gymnastics and I think that jiu-jitsu has to happen.

Video below: