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WATCH: The Moment A Far-Left Sanders Supporter Opened Fire On Congresspeople

Video of the frightening shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday morning shows the panic following the attack launched by alleged shooter James Hodgkinson.

A witness near the field at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, where members of Congress were having a baseball practice before their annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park on Thursday to benefit charities ranging from the Boys and Girls Clubs to the Washington Literacy Center, videotaped part of the incident.

Over 25 shots can be heard, as well as the man recording the video apparently asking about the shooter, “Do we know where he’s at? Do we know where he’s at? “

Someone responds, “He’s behind home late.” Someone else asks, “Did you call 911?”

The man videotaping says, “I assume people have been calling 911 already.”

The video shows one player lying in the middle of the field; the videotaper asks, as sporadic gunfire erupts, “Hey, is that guy okay out there? The guy who’s been shot, is he okay? Is anybody talking to him?”

Shouts of “Stay down!” are heard, interspersed among more rapid gunfire, followed by, “Put it down!”

After the sporadic gunshots, followed by gunshots fired in quick succession, several people crowd around the player on the field.

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