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WATCH: Michael Knowles Defends Norm Macdonald As Only He Can

In today’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Michael sticks up for Norm Macdonald, who may be the last funny comedian.

“People, show business is a horrible industry and we know that this town is rife with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and they’re crying because a guy made a normal observation,” Knowles said. “This. The Left is being hysterical. That’s what this is. That’s the only way to describe it. It is hysteria. Get ahold of yourself people. Get ahold of yourself.”

Video and transcript below:

So, they’re going after Norm Macdonald. You know, I’ve referred to Norm on this show before. He’s my favorite living comedian. I know he’s the favorite comedian of a lot of people out there too and you know you can go down a YouTube wormhole of all the Norm clips and the reason we’re talking about Norm now is he’s getting a show on Netflix in, I think, two or three days.

I think it’s airing either this week or next week and so the Left is already trying to get him. Now Norm, it’s not like he’s some Brooks Brothers-wearing conservative. It’s not like, you know, he’s this right-wing apologist or something. He’s just not politically correct and he’s a comedian who cares about actually making people laugh, unlike Nannette, unlike Kathy Griffin, unlike people who go for claps and not laughs. Norm actually goes for laughs and so they’re so angry at him, because he isn’t politically correct. Because he isn’t making jokes about Trump, because jokes about Trump are super duper lame.

He did this interview yesterday or two days ago with The Hollywood Reporter, where he was asked: What do you think about Roseanne Barr and Louis C.K., both of whom are friends of his going back decades, I believe, and he said: Well you know they were really broken up about the whole thing and they’re really sorry and I’m glad to see them back on their feet. Something to that effect and they pillory him for this.

He made a comment that the #MeToo movement got a little bit crazy and so he’s glad that there’s some balance, you know, that because look there were false accusations. Some of the people who were accusers are now being accused of sexual harassment themselves. Some of the people who were accusers have details have come out where they were in consensual relationships not non-consensual relationships.

So he’s just pointing out that it maybe got a little out of hand and he’s glad that it’s not as crazy as it was before.

He is being raked over the coals.

They’re already trying to cancel his show. There were actually people tweeting who said: “I hate his show. It’s boring and terrible.”

The show hasn’t premiered yet and all, I, look, I like Norm. I’m sorry I want to defend his show and I look forward to watching the show, but what this is really about is all of the hysteria that is gripping all of America.

We’re all so trigger-happy. For those of you who are not familiar with Norm, just to give you a little context, here as a joke he did on David Letterman’s last show. I think you’ll understand why he’s such a favorite on this program.

(Plays Norm Clip)

So you get the sense. We’ve talked about similar things before, with due respect to our German viewers and listeners. So anyway, the left is very upset because he’s not being mean to Trump. He’s not telling this joke or that joke. He’s actually telling jokes just that are funny, you know, and that you’re not allowed to do that anymore. We’re in the Nannette comedy world now. So, Norm actually was booted from the Jimmy Kimmel show, because of this non-traversy. This is the stupidest non-troversy since the Mark Duplass thing. You remember the whole Mark Duplass, he said: I kind of like Ben Shapiro.”

Now his whole career is ruined. This is the stupidest non-troversy. Since then, Jimmy goes up to Norm Macdonald to say you can’t come on the show because you said that you still sort of like Roseanne Barr and you still sort of like Louie CK. My producers are crying because of your comments. My producers are crying.

Millennials in the workforce, folks. Safe spaces at “The Tonight Show.” By the way, though, I will actually give it to those millennial producers certainly, undoubtedly, millennial producers, because they were able to negotiate in warm milk and pacifiers into their nightly contracts. Oh, great, good work. I mean that’s the art of the deal right there.

So Jimmy Fallon! I’m sorry, it was Jimmy Fallon, not Jimmy Kimmel. This is really sad because those two guys used to be different people. That one was the crazy lefty. One was just, you know, sort of having fun and now unfortunately looks like Jimmy Fallon is falling into that left-wing claptrap too. Easily confused, sorry to say that. It’s all of this trigger-happy hysteria. Producers shouldn’t be crying, because of a common sense observation.

People, show business is a horrible industry and we know that this town is rife with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and they’re crying because a guy made a normal observation. This. The left is being hysterical. That’s what this is. That’s the only way to describe it. It is hysteria. Get ahold of yourself people. Get ahold of yourself. That you people should calm down.

This is, you know, I think this is all Trump’s fault. This obviously is all Trump’s fault, because when Trump was elected, everyone was told the world was gonna go to hell in a hand basket and then he was President for two years now and everything is going fine. Now common sense, your gut instinct would tell you this would make people change their mind. Everyone would calm down because of this, but that’s not how people work in real life. What actually happens when they’re totally hysterical, they’re expecting the worst. Something good happens, they ignore the reality and double down on their prejudice. They double down.

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