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WATCH: Louie Gohmert Blasts CNN’s John Dean, Mocks MSNBC’s Joyce White Vance

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) slammed convicted felon and CNN contributor John Dean on Monday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing and later tacked on a swipe at MSNBC contributor Joyce White Vance.

Gohmert started by reading Dean’s criminal record from an old New York Times article: “They reported that in your case, John Sirica, the judge, read the formal charges regarding the conspiracy to thwart the investigation and he read as follows: that you were suborning perjury, giving false statements, and concealing evidence in the trial before Judge Sarika last winter.”

“Of the men arrested in the break-in, offering clemency to the defendants, paying to keep the arrested men silent, asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation for information, attempting to get the CIA to provide money for the payments,” Gohmert continued reading. “And furtherance of the conspiracy judge Sirica continued reading, Dean had committed six overt specific overt acts on or about June 27, 1972.”


Gohmert later took aim at MSNBC contributor Joyce White Vance, who had arrogantly stated earlier in the hearing that she could criminally prosecute the Russia case and win on appeal.

“I have amazing admiration,” Gohmert began. “I used to tell people that if you ever talk to a lawyer who says, ‘I’m going to win at court on this and I’ll win the appeal,’ you run from them because they’re either incompetent or corrupt, but you have such amazing ability, you know you could win at court on appeal, so I’m in admiration.”


Gohmert’s aggressive remarks toward the two far-left network contributors were part of the Republicans’ overall line of aggressive questioning during the hearing.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) pressed Dean on how much money he made from books accusing Republican presidents of committing crimes and how much money he currently makes at CNN.

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