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WATCH: Leftist Students Shut Down Republican Student Meeting In Library

Leftist students at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) shut down a Republican student chapter meeting on Tuesday — and eventually got themselves arrested.

The leftist agitators repeatedly derided the meeting’s attendees as “racist” and promoting “white supremacy.” Via incoherent statement, the leader of the leftwing students derided the campus Republican meeting’s attendees:

These folks are preventing folks from their everyday lives, not just studying, all, everything, safety on campus, whatever it is that they are engaging in, and so I feel like this group should be asked to leave, actually…

I think if you understand what their ideologies are, and how you feel safety really is, how you feel education, how you feel learning really is, students can’t be studying when their lives are being f***ing discriminated against, f***ing like, pushed out of the way.

“They had a slug with a Trump hat on it,” added the apparent left-wing leader, presumably describing some slug-like bauble. “So they agree with Trump and white supremacy,” she added.

The leftist leader urged what appeared to be a library employee to shut down the meeting:

Can you step outside of your role, right now, and your job position? You don’t have to follow the rules, ever. You can do whatever you want, right now. You know that you can do whatever you want, right now. Follow that personal struggle, I know what kind of situation you’re in. I’ve had to work for the university before, but follow your heart. Don’t follow the f***ing rules.

Another protester derided the meeting’s participants:

Your existence is a disturbance. You’re a disturbance to every marginalized person in this country. Do you understand what a Republican is? Your life is not on the line. It’s gonna help if these motherf***ers leave, and we don’t let f***ing racists on this campus. That’s what’s gonna help… You are racists… Communists aren’t f***ing racists.

The activist described “build a wall” as a “racist” slogan.

The meeting’s attendees were ultimately asked to leave to end the left-wing disturbance.

Three of the student activists — two of which are Student Union Assembly officers — were eventually arrested by police, according to Campus Reform, which provided some background to the disturbance:

One of the ringleaders of the protest was student activist Haik Adamian, who posted an announcement in the official UCSC Student Facebook group calling on students to deny the CR group its First Amendment rights.

“White Supremacist, fascist sympathizing College Republicans are having a meeting at McHenry library, room 0332. Everybody be aware of this violent racist activity happening everyday on this campus!” he wrote, adding that “We need a movement of people on this campus that rejects the ‘right of assembly,’ or ‘right of free speech’ for white supremacists and fascists.”

Watch the incident below; original video here.

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