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WATCH: Leftist Protester Yells At Marsha Blackburn During Moment Of Silence for Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims

By  Hank Berrien

Leftist protesters at a rally for Tennessee GOP senatorial candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn had to be removed from the event because of their disruption; one leftist woman even interrupted a moment of silence for the victims of the massacre on Saturday at a Pittsburgh synagogue, shouting, “Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist.” Five protesters were removed from the rally.

Blackburn, before observing the moment of silence for the victims, stated, “Let’s take a moment and remember those who lost their lives in Pittsburgh and express our gratitude for the law enforcement who responded so beautifully. A moment of silence.” Not more than two seconds into the silence, the leftist hurled the insult at Blackburn. That prompted the crowd to start chanting, “USA! USA!”

Among the protesters were reportedly members of the Black Lives Matter movement:

On Saturday, Blackburn had tweeted, “My heart breaks for the families who lost loved ones during the horrific events at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Thank you to law enforcement who acted quickly to apprehend the shooter. These anti-Semitic acts of evil have no place in society & I am praying for all those affected.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who also appeared at the rally for Blackburn, said, “Judge me by my friends and the people that want to yell at me. The only people wanting to yell at me would turn the country into a mob. They don’t respect the presumption of innocence. They have a view of the government that would make us Venezuela. They have every right to their opinion; I guess they can yell and spit on you; I don’t think they have a right to do that by they exercised it that way. … It’s getting worse, because emotions are running high.”

After the rally, Blackburn released a statement: “This Sunday afternoon, the liberal angry mob made it clear they are active in Tennessee and will stop at nothing to disrupt civil political discourse. I’m grateful to the law enforcement officers who were here today and kept everyone safe. The protestors at today’s event were absolutely appalling. They yelled ‘Impeach Trump.’ They kicked. They punched. They resisted law enforcement, and they interrupted a moment of silence for the victims in Pittsburgh. Never in my life have I heard of people interrupting a moment of silence.

On Saturday, at an East Ridge, Tennessee rally, Blackburn reminded the crowd that if Bredesen were elected Senate Minority Leader chuck Schumer could become the Senate Majority Leader. She urged the crowd, “But when that blue wave they keep talking about gets out here to the state line, it is going to meet the great red wall. I’ve got to tell you, I don’t think Tennesseans are going to be the state that turns the U.S. Senate over to the Democrats.”

Blackburn had been locked in a very close race with former Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen, who served as governor from 2003 to 2011, between mid September and the beginning of October, as the two virtually matched each other in the RCP average for two weeks. But starting in October, Blackburn has seemingly pulled away; three polls taken on October showed Blackburn with a significant lead. A Fox News poll ending October 2 found Blackburn with a five-point lead; a CBS/YouGov poll ending October 5 gave her an eight-point lead, and a NY Times/Siena college poll ending October 11 gave her a fourteen-point lead. But a Vanderbilt University poll ending on October 13 found Bredesen with a one-point lead.

Video of protester screaming at Blackburn during moment of silence below:

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