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WATCH: Actor Attacks Laura Ingraham: ‘You Filthy Pig. You Dog-Faced Animal. You F***in Pig.’

On Thursday, leftist actor Michael Rapaport viciously attacked Fox News host Laura Ingraham as other celebrities joined in on far-left activist David Hogg’s boycott and attacks on Ingraham.

In a profanity-laced video posted to Instagram, the left-wing actor called Ingraham a “filthy pig,” a “dog-faced animal,” and a “f***in pig.”

Rapaport, who was previously suspended from Twitter for attacking Ingraham, touched on what led to his last suspension, saying, “This is the same Laura Ingraham who just a few weeks ago said that LeBron James and Kevin Durant and these athletes should just shut up and dribble. And then I said, infamously, that you should shut up and dribble these nuts. Remember her?”

“And now Laura Ingraham, this savage, this dog, this mutt — and this has nothing to do with her looks,” Rapaport spewed. “It has to do with her behavior. The things that she exudes. She’s a sweaty pig. She’s going after this high school student.”


.@MichaelRapaport blasts Laura Ingraham over David Hogg tweet

“You filthy pig. You dog-faced animal”

— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) March 29, 2018