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WATCH: Laura Ingraham Tears Into AOC’s ‘Searing Intellect’

On Monday night, Laura Ingraham, host of Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle,” slammed the young radical leftists taking over the Democratic Party, ripping Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who appeared at the South by Southwest Festival over the weekend and drew a large crowd, as “that searing intellect.” Ingraham warned that to ignore the lies that the leftists purvey about America was dangerous, as they could be the leaders of tomorrow, then segued to the genuine question as to whether free speech even existed in America today, as conservatives are routinely demonized at work, schools or colleges, and even in the military for speaking their minds. She concluded by targeting CNN for their relentless attacks on President Trump.

At the festival, Ocasio-Cortez had suggested that America is “garbage” and ranted that former President Ronald Reagan presented a “racist” vision of the country. She said of Reagan, “He’s painting this, like, really resentful vision of essentially, black women, who were doing nothing, that were sucks on our country.”

Ingraham commented, “And to think I didn’t know that the word ‘sucks’ could be used as a noun. Learn something new every day. To think that they actually lined up around the block to hear that searing intellect.”

Ingraham continued, “Well, with such gratuitous meanness about one of the most beloved presidents of the past 50 years, the South by South festival should be renamed, I don’t know, the Mouth and Mouth Worse festival. As we documented here on the Angle week after week month after month, there’s a concerted across-the-board effort in the Democrat Party to demonize the entire American experience and the American tradition by degrading anyone and anything that doesn’t pass their own radical muster.”

Ingraham warned, “Now remember, the ‘It’ kids of the moment? They could be the leaders of tomorrow, God help us, so it’s important that we not merely dismiss these episodes; in fact, anyone interested in preserving our freedom and our free market, not to mention the historical record, must use these moments to teach a new generation about the country we love; our triumphs, and the tragedies that we should learn from. But in the vicious landscape of the social media world, untruths become truths if they go uncorrected.”

Ingraham segued to the loss of free speech: “I have a question: do we really even have free speech in America today if millions of you feel afraid to speak your mind for fear of being demonized at work, at school, at your universities, even in the military? On the Left, the impulse today is to control speech, not encourage more of it.”

Ingraham noted the Democrats’ refusal to let Fox News hold one of the party’s presidential debates in 2020: “CNN president Jeff Zucker was also at that South by Southwest festival justifying the Democrats’ decision to deny Fox a chance to host a Democrat debate. He basically said no one has a right to get a debate, and then he went on to say, he said, well, look, Fox is basically state-run TV, so they don’t have an obligation to give one to Fox, so I think the question should be, is Fox state-run TV, or, blah, blah, blah.”

She countered, “Well, rejoinder question: Has CNN become ‘Resistance TV?’ Where the president and by association, a huge swath of Americans who voted for him, are treated like evil Neanderthals?”

Ingraham played clips of CNN’s Jim Acosta opining that President Trump was “not in keeping with the American tradition,” CNN’s Brian Stelter asserting, “President Trump is poisoning the American people,” and CNN’s Don Lemon accusing, “The President of the United States is racist. All of us already knew that.”

Ingraham concluded, “This is CNN.”

Video below:

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