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WATCH: Keith Ellison Issues Loaded Statement To His Accuser

By  Ryan

In an interview Wednesday, Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison issued a loaded statement directed at his accuser, saying, “We don’t have to destroy each other.”

Ellison made the remark in an exclusive interview with WCCO which was prompted after a Facebook post went viral over the weekend in which the son of Karen Monahan, Ellison’s former girlfriend and alleged victim, described a video of Ellison abusing his mother.

“I know I can’t just run past this controversy and not address it, which is why I’m here with you today,” Ellison told WCCO.

Ellison denied ever physically or emotionally abusing Monahan and said that her and her son’s claim that a video shows him allegedly throwing her off a bed and calling her a “f—ing b—h” is false.

“What would you say to her right now?” WCCO’s Esme Murphy asked Ellison. “Because she’s speaking out and continues to speak out on Twitter and social media.”

“I’d say, ‘Look, we loved each other,'” Ellison responded, appearing to fight back emotion. “We don’t have to destroy each other.”


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