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WATCH: Kaepernick Greeted With Deafening BOOS In Miami After Praising Fidel Castro

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took the field amid deafening boos from livid Miami fans on Sunday’s game after having praised brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro earlier in the week.

Here’s the footage of Kaepernick’s hostile reception at the Dolphins’ stadium on Sunday via SportsCast:

Colin Kaepernick Booed Loudly In Miami Following Pro-Fidel Castro Comments

— SportsCast (@SportsCast_THN) November 27, 2016

As the Daily Wire reported, on a phone call with the press last Wednesday, one unnamed reporter—who comes from a family of Cuban refugees who fled Castro’s iron-fisted communist regime—called out Kaepernick for wearing a T-shirt to a press conference in August that featured an image of Fidel Castro meeting with Malcolm X in 1960 with the caption, “Like minds think alike.”

According to the Palm Beach Post, the national anthem-protesting QB first responded by trying to shift the conversation to Malcolm X. “I’m not talking about Fidel Castro and his oppression,” said Kaepernick. “I’m talking about Malcolm X and what he’s done for people.”

When the Cuban reporter wouldn’t let Kaepernick dodge his “uncomfortable” question, the quarterback responded by praising Castro for his educational reforms and—as he is wont to do—making another disparaging comment about his own “oppressive” country.

“One thing that Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system—which we do not do here, even though we’re fully capable of doing that,” said Kaepernick. (Check out Judge Alex Ferrer perfect response to that statement.)

When the Cuban reporter brought up Castro’s tyrannical actions that broke up families, Kaepernick shrugged it off by accusing America of doing the same thing.

“We do break up families here,” said Kaepernick. “That’s what mass incarceration is. That was the foundation of slavery, so our country has been based on that as well as the genocide of Native Americans.”

The reporter pushed back on Kaepernick’s attempt to draw a moral equivalence between Castro’s despotic destruction of people’s lives with the American criminal justice system incarcerating criminals. Kaepernick replied by saying simply, “I’m equating the breaking up of families with the breaking up of families.”

Kaepernick’s 49ers continued their lengthy losing streak Sunday, the Dolphins beating them 31 to 24. The struggling quarterback had a chance to tie the game in the last play, but his attempt to scramble six yards to the end zone came up 2 yards short. The Miami fans cheered even louder than they booed as Kaepernick and his team left the field defeated.

As for the communist dictator Kaepernick finds so worthy of his respect (unlike “systemically racist” and “oppressive” America), Castro died on Friday, just a couple of days after Kaepernick’s tense talk with the press. To show our proper respect, the Daily Wire provided some highlights of Castro’s human rights atrocities, including, the following statistics from the Cuba Archive president:

It is difficult to calculate how many Cuban political dissidents and innocent civilians Castro killed throughout his fifty-year “revolutionary” reign, but Cuba Archive President Maria Werlau estimates 78,000 innocents have died trying to flee slavery under Castro; 5,300 peasant farmers and their children in the Escambray Mountains and at the Bay of Pigs; 14,000 in Fidel’s escapades abroad; 5,600 dissidents in front of firing squads; 1,200 in “extrajudicial assassinations”; and 2,199 documented political prison deaths. Welau notes, however, that these numbers are conservative estimates, and the actual casualties may number an order of magnitude more.

H/T Daily Caller. Partial transcript via Washington Post.