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WATCH: Judge Judy Blasts Sanders: ‘A Joke To Think That You Can Fool The American Public’
Judge Judy, Judith Sheindlin, on Set on February 14. 1997 in Los Angeles, California.
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On Tuesday, Judy Sheindlin, aka TV’s Judge Judy, ripped senator and current Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, asserting, “It’s really a joke to think that you can fool the American public when you’ve been in Congress for as many years as Bernie Sanders has.”

As Newsbusters reports, Sheindlin was a guest on MSNBC, where host Stephanie Ruhle prompted her response by asking, “You say that Senator Sanders’ revolution is a joke. Why?”

Sheindlin was off to the races, first referencing former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg: “This is the greatest country in the world. Nobody wants to leave this country. It may need tweaking. America is the land of opportunity. It’s a place where you can have big dreams, where you can be the hero of your own story, where you can look to realize that American dream. I did. I know Mike Bloomberg did.”

Then she turned to eviscerating Sanders and his socialist agenda:

Senator Sanders’ revolution is not what this country needs. It’s a revolution that, A, is a joke, because it’s fiscally impossible. And B, wherever it’s been tried on a large scale, it’s failed. I mean, if you look at socialism, when I looked at the definition, right next to it was a map of Venezuela. And you know how successful it was there.

Young people may get excited about the word “revolution.” Young people always want a revolution, then they grow up. So it’s really a joke to think that you can fool the American public when you’ve been in Congress for as many years as Bernie Sanders has been in Congress, who I think had either three or four bills passed in the 30 years that he’s been in Congress, and two of them were to name post offices.

To think that this is a man who can create a revolution, a peaceful revolution in this country and bring everyone together. I mean, the reason I came out from behind the closet and said I’m going to get involved in politics is because there was so much anger in America and I think you just need a pragmatic, practical doer.

Sheindlin dismissed former Vice President Joe Biden, saying, “Joe Biden is a nice guy; he really is a nice guy. We don’t need a sentimental vote in America today. This is a critical time in our country. I’m begging the people who are going to vote today, you want to be sentimental, turn on Sinatra. You want a president, you vote for Mike Bloomberg. He’s the only one who can get it done.”

Ruhle attempted to defend Sanders by noting that he had a whopping total of seven bills, not two: “With all due respect, Judy, Bernie Sanders had seven bills, not two or three. But put Senator Sanders aside – and it’s democratic socialism, not socialism i.e. Venezuela – to all of those people in the country who are faced with the $88 billion in medical debt, the $1.5 trillion in student debt. They can’t see the American dream that you have realized, that I’ve had the benefit to realize. So to them, they’re not just crazy kids looking for a revolution. What’s your message to them? Because they’re getting behind this movement. Because look at those numbers. They don’t see the dream.”

Sheindlin wasn’t buying it: “Let me tell you what the problem is. The problem is you need incremental change. You can’t do something that’s – it’s unfair to these people to promise something that’s unattainable. And if you want incremental change, and I’m telling you, the country needs tweaking, there are people out there who need more of an opening to realize that American dream that you and I have realized, but it’s unreasonable, it’s unfair, it’s mostly unjust to trick people into thinking that you can do what you say you’re going to do when, as you said, well, he passed seven bills. Seven bills in 30 years, with two post offices, is not a really great track record. So for somebody who wants a revolution and has named two post offices, that is – that is fooling the people out there who are struggling into thinking that he’s the answer. He’s not the answer.”

Transcript courtesy of Newsbusters.

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