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WATCH: Iranian Revolutionary Guard Attacks Protesters In Tehran

Protests in Tehran are now entering their third day and cities besides Iran’s capital are now host to protests against the country’s Islamic regime — and the regime is beginning to take notice.

Tuesday morning, members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard began an offensive against protesters in Tehran, sending them scattering across city parks, and in some cases subjecting demonstrators to violent beatings.


Tuesday afternoon, protesters on the ground were able to capture footage of the Revolutionary Guard “handling” protesters.

The protests in Tehran began when the local currency dropped dramatically against the U.S. dollar on Iran’s black market. What started as an economic demonstration quickly became a political one, as protesters called out the government for its regional ambitions, which they say put foreign wars in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza strip ahead of domestic needs.

Yesterday, the crowds shouted for the mullahs to leave Syria and “Palestine.” Overnight, the chants became more specific, calling on the Iranian government to pull its support for Palestinian terror organizations. “You disgraces, let go of our country,” the crowds chanted and, “No to Gaza, No to Lebanon. My life for Iran.”

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