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WATCH: Hyper-Partisan Gillibrand Condemns Kavanaugh For Partisanship

By  Hank Berrien

Speaking with Chris Hayes on MSNBC on Thursday night, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gave an exhibition of the some of the worst hypocrisy in recent memory, attacking Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his “partisan attacks” during his testimony at his hearing on Thursday.

Gillibrand, it should be noted, said on the very night Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump, “I strongly oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and I urge all New Yorkers to raise their voices and join me in opposing him. We need a justice who will protect the rights of all people in our state — not just some.” That same night, she was joined by fellow New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who stated he would fight Kavanaugh’s nomination “with everything I have,” adding, “This nomination could alter the balance of the court in favor of powerful special interests and against working families for a generation and would take away labor, civil, and human rights from millions of Americans. We cannot let that happen. If we can successfully block this nomination, it could lead to a more independent, moderate selection that both parties could support.”

So much for partisanship.

Gillibrand started her response to Hayes by using a time-honored technique used by the Left as she spoke of Dr. Christine Blasey’s testimony that preceded Kavanaugh’s on Thursday, referring to Ford’s testimony as “her truth.”

Not the truth. Her truth.

Gillibrand heaved, “Well, I think Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony was incredible. I thought she was so heartfelt. She spoke her truth so passionately, with such candor; with such emotion, I was really inspired by what she did today.”

She followed by attacking Kavanaugh’s “partisanship” while ripping his temperament, character, honesty and integrity:

I thought the second half, though, was so discouraging. I thought the way that Judge Kavanaugh started with partisan attacks, it really made me question his fitness for this office. The fact that he does not have the temperament or the character or the honesty or the integrity to be a Supreme Court justice.

So we’re supposed to believe that a man under the kinds of assaults Judge Kavanaugh has had to endure should not be angry, according to Gillibrand, but Ford is entitled to “her truth.”

Got it.

Video below:

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