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WATCH: Hillary Drastically Changes Her Tone On Trump After Revelation Of Dossier Funding

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton drastically changed her tone while she spoke about President Donald Trump in remarks reported by ABC News’ World News Tonight on Wednesday — the day after it was revealed that her campaign paid for the unverified “Trump-Russia” dossier.

Clinton, who normally is brimming with anger when speaking about Trump, appeared much more subdued than normal.

“I also said that I thought we should give … a chance, we had to give an open mind … to the new President,” Clinton said. “And I meant it.”

“You know, I didn’t want everybody who voted for me just immediately going into kind of a defensive crouch,” Clinton continued.

While she wanted to keep an “open mind” about the new president, Clinton said, that didn’t last long with Trump continuing to promote the “nativist, populist, nationalist, scapegoat” rhetoric he used on the campaign trail.

The video clip was released by ABC News the day after The Washington Post reported that Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) paid Fusion GPS to conduct “research” on then-candidate Donald Trump.


Hillary Clinton says she wanted her supporters to give Pres. Trump a chance, didn’t want them “immediately going into a defensive crouch.”

— World News Tonight (@ABCWorldNews) October 25, 2017

News that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the dossier — which was used as the basis for investigations into the Trump campaign — prompted a non-partisan group to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Wednesday.

The Campaign Legal Center filed the complaint which states that the Clinton campaign and the DNC broke campaign finance laws because they failed to “accurately disclose payments related to the so-called Trump Dossier,” Law Newz reported.

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