WATCH: Hillary Clinton Rides To The Rescue Of Sen. Bob Menendez, Crashes (Literally) | The Daily Wire
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WATCH: Hillary Clinton Rides To The Rescue Of Sen. Bob Menendez, Crashes (Literally)

By  Emily Zanotti

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made an appearance at a fundraiser for Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) last night and made a big impression on her way in the door.

Well, sort of. She made a big impression in a wall.

Clinton’s black SUV rolled up to the fundraiser, then jumped a curb and crashed into the venue’s side wall.


Clinton obviously wasn’t driving — at least, hopefully she wasn’t, since she’s clearly wearing sunglasses as she exits the vehicle, and it’s obviously an evening event. We’ll pause here for your punchline of choice, regardless.

“She’s really getting close in those poles!”

“Clinton rides to the rescue, and is as effective as always!”

“What a car wreck of a politician!”

“This is an excellent metaphor for what Republicans hope happens in the midterms!”


Both the driver and Sec. Clinton are reportedly fine. Or, as fine as they were before the crash.

Sen. Bob Menendez is running neck-and-neck with a Republican opponent, a far cry from his past campaigns, where he’s sailed to victory over his opponents. Part of the problem may be that Menendez narrowly escaped a federal corruption conviction stemming from his relationship with a high-dollar donor in Miami. Menedez was accused of trading favors — mostly of the immigration variety — with his donor in exchange for lavish trips.

The jury in Menendez’s case was unable to reach a verdict.

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