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WATCH: Gay Coffee Shop Owner Denies Service To Christians, Kicks Them Out

By  Ryan Saavedra

A gay coffee shop owner in Seattle kicked a group of Christians out of his store after he verbally attacked them because he found their religious views offensive.

The Christian group, Abolish Human Abortion, ordered drinks in Seattle’s Bedlam coffee shop on October 1 after handing out pro-life pamphlets that depicted the horrors of abortion. Owner Ben Borgman verbally attacked the group after one of his baristas identified them. The group hadn’t handed out any pamphlets inside the coffee shop, The Washington Times reported.

“I’m gay. You have to leave,” Borgman said in the video, which first appeared on Facebook.

“Are you denying us service?” activist Caytie Davis asked.

“I am. Yeah,” Borgman replied.

The pamphlets handed out by the group contain Bible verses about sin and abortion which Borgman found to be extremely offensive. Borgman then threatened to have gay sex in front of the group just so he could offend them.

“Can you tolerate my presence? Really?” the owner asked. “If I go get my boyfriend and f**k him in the a** right here, you’re going to tolerate that? Are you going to tolerate it?”

“That would be your choice,” activist Jonathan Sutherland replied.

“Answer my f***ing question!” Borgman yelled back. “No, you’re going to sit right here and f***ing watch it! Leave, all of you! Tell all your f**king friends don’t come here!”


What makes the video particularly stunning is the number of times that the gay community has sued Christians for refusing to offer services for same-sex weddings.

In 2012, Colorado baker Jack Phillips refused to bake a cake for a gay couple because it violated his religious beliefs. He was sued by the couple. The case is set to go to the United States Supreme Court later this year. Another case involving a Christian florist who was sued for the same reason is also scheduled to go the U.S. Supreme Court in the near future.

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