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WATCH: Former NFL Star Antonio Brown, Angry, Offers ‘Bag Of Dicks’ To Mother Of His Kids

By  Hank Berrien
New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown runs onto the practice field during New England Patriots practice at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on Sep. 18, 2019.
Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

On Monday morning, former NFL star Antonio Brown had an interesting gift for Chelsie Kyriss, the woman who has borne him three children, when she showed up at his Florida home to pick up their kids and take them to school; a plastic bag filled with small gummy candies shaped like penises, which he chortled was a “bag of dicks.”

Brown claimed to the police on the scene that when the transition was made for the children to go with Kyriss, she attempted to take one of his cars, a Bentley. While Kyriss was speaking to police across the street, Brown went on a tirade targeting her that went like this

Brown to policeman: She’s here to take the kids to school, not no vehicle. This b**** is broke. She’s don’t drive Bentleys. You see this, sir? These are f***ing Bentleys. That b**** is broke with two more other kids. That b**** got none. She don’t have no Bentleys. She’s stayin’ at a hotel. Ask her where she’s stayin’. Ask her.

Policeman: Okay, Well, that doesn’t make a difference.

Brown: Bro, she’s here with my f***ing keys and you say you said you couldn’t get my kids back.

Policeman: I didn’t say that.

Brown: All right, so get the keys. So I’m asking you: do you got the kids or what can you do?

Policeman: I did not say that; I’m trying to decipher whether or not this vehicle was given to her —

Brown: Bro, this wasn’t even about the vehicle.

Policeman: Let me explain to you, This vehicle, if she has any sort of a proof —

Brown: Bro, she ain’t got no real proof, this is my f***ing vehicle. I’m not listening. No, you ain’t telling me the right thing. You ain’t telling me the right thing.

Policeman: Well, I’m not telling you what you want to hear.

Brown: This is my f***ing vehicle. It’s here. And this b**** from the hotel, she don’t have none. She came here to take the kids to school. The kids are not getting to school. She don’t have no car … she has two other kids. She’s staying at a hotel. Look at her; she’s a f***ing lost cause. Look at her. Look at her.

Policeman: I’m nobody to judge, sir.

Later, Brown stated, “She’s trying to sell you on some bulls*** … you ain’t helpin’ me out. It’s been forty minutes, no justice … she’s been evicted, She shouldn’t be here. You guys should know that.”

Even later: “This is white versus black, right here in your f***in’ face. F*** the NFL. This is real life. White people tryin’ to get over … and the police not helping. Tryin’ to finesse a Bentley. B****, you don’t drive Bentleys. This is not your life.”

Brown then referred to his present: “This is a bag of dicks. Bag of dicks for the dicks,” calling Kyriss “fish head.”

Brown’s recent turbulent history includes calling ESPN analyst Ryan Clark an “Uncle Tom” in January 2019 after Clark criticized him and said Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin should release him from the team; calling general manager Mike Mayock of the Oakland Raiders, who is white, a “cracker” in September 2019 after Brown received a $14,000 fine for missing a team walk-through on August 22, and ripping the NFL for their alleged anti-black bias in December 2019.

Video below, courtesy of TMZ:

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