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WATCH: Footage Emerges Of Shooting In France Involving Masked Men With AK-47s

By  Ryan Saavedra

Video has emerged of the shooting that happened in Marseille, France on Monday that authorities are now investigating as a kidnapping and not a terrorist attack.

The video confirms initial reports of there being approximately three cars involved and several heavily armed men carrying and firing AK-47s.

The Guardian reports:

The local newspaper La Provence reported that the armed gang appeared to be looking for someone and threatened locals before firing several times into the air. They then grabbed a youth and drove off. …

… Amateur film footage posted on Twitter showed at least half a dozen black-clad gunmen firing, apparently at random, on the estate. Witnesses said the group brandished several semi-automatic rifles and at least one handgun.

“According to a witness, one person was abducted in a car whose occupants shot in the air several times,” local prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux said.


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