WATCH: Fiery Conservative Jim Jordan Speaks About His Run For House Minority Leader

Appearing on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan spoke of his quest to become House minority leader, a post that is also sought by current House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy. Jordan, one of the strongest conservatives in the House, said he was seeking the post to ensure House Republicans finally kept the promises they had made the American people, most notably the border security wall on the southern border.

Jordan pointed out that because the Democrats won the House in November, the GOP was heading into something they’d never seen, asserting, “This is the world of Cummings, Nadler, Schiff, Waters, Pelosi; they’ve got 80 investigations teed up, and we’re going to have to be prepared with the right attitude to come to this town and fight every single minute of every single day defending the truth as they’re attacking everybody.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt began by asking why Jordan was seeking the post. He replied:

I think that when you fail to reach a goal in life, there’s some fundamental things you have to do; some basic questions you have to ask. We’ve failed to keep the majority; I think you have to step back and ask, “Why did we lose? What are we up against now, and how do we win it back?” And I think probably the most important of those three questions is, why did we lose in the first place?

Two years ago the American people elected President Trump to come to this town and shake it up. He has done just that, but I don’t think they’ve seen the same intensity from House Republicans. Did we replace Obamacare? Did we reform welfare? Did we secure the border and build the border security wall? Some key things that we told them we were going to do that we haven’t done. I think that was the biggest problem we had, because we lost so many races by the slimmest of margins; if we get the things done that we told them we were going to do, I think we win many of those races and we would have stayed in the majority.

So that’s the message I’ve tried to convey to our colleagues, and if I’m given the chance to lead, I’m going to work on one thing: doing what we told the American people we were going to do.

Host Steve Doocy said it seemed as if Jordan was making a distinction between McCarthy, whom Doocy referred to as a member of the establishment, and Jordan, one of the leaders of the highly-conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Jordan answered:

I think the House Freedom Caucus is famous, I hope, famous for doing what we said we were going to do in fighting for the things the American people sent us here to fight for. And we gotta understand, Steve, the environment we are going into is something we’ve never seen. This is the world of Cummings, Nadlerm Schiff, Waters, Pelosi; they’ve got eighty investigations teed up, and we’re going to have to be prepared with the right attitude to come to this town and fight every single minute of every single day defending the truth as they’re attacking everybody. That’s the environment we’re going into.

So, why did we lose, what are we up against, and how do we win it back? We win it back by standing firm for the principles that made our country great in the first place and standing firm on defending the truth as all of these investigations start to unfold.

Host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that the GOP has a few weeks left remaining in power, and asked what Jordan could see getting done in the time remaining. Jordan responded:

What was the single biggest promise we made the American people in 2016 that we have not gotten done yet? Building the border security wall and securing the border. We should be focused on that one main thing over the next several weeks as we still have a few weeks left while Republicans control all the government. We should focus on the biggest promise we made them, and what they sent us here to do. Plain and simple.

Earhardt asked, “How do you do that?”

Jordan answered, “Well, we have a spending bill. The spending bill, the CR, continuing resolution, comes due on December 7. We should insist on putting the wall-funding bill on that piece of legislation and getting it passed. After all, that’s what we were elected to do in 2016; that’s why they sent the president here; he’s been shaking this town up; we haven’t had the same commitment, the same intensity. We need to match that and get it done on December 7.”

Doocy asked, “Can it get through the Senate, then?”

Jordan explained, “It’s a spending bill; the spending bill it has to get through, so you have to attach it to a must-pass piece of legislation. Of course, the ones that always have to get through are the ones that fund the government.”

Earhardt persisted, “Are all the Republicans on board for that?”

Jordan concluded, “We’ll find out. We’ll find out.”

Video below: