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WATCH: Feminist Charges, Physically Assaults Alabama Pro-Life Protester

A pro-life woman in Huntsville, Alabama, was physically assaulted by a feminist earlier this month as she was protesting abortion outside the Alabama Women’s Center abortion clinic.

The pro-life woman, identified as Mary Baggett, captured the assault on video and posted it to social media; her caption read: “This lady attacked me at the baby murdering mill! I believe the deathscorts were inciting her and her friend/boyfriend. I saw them being buddies with them earlier and hugging them. I’m ok but my hand is bruised and swelling up. My hands, feet and back are hurting. It could have been worse. Thank You Father for Your protection”

In the video, Baggett is on the sidewalk with other pro-lifers holding signs about abortion. Then a car pulls up and shouting begins. Soon enough, Baggett is being charged and physically assaulted by a female upset about their pro-life speech and is screaming that she did not give them “permission” to film her.

“The woman who came up to me punched my hands. I must have been holding the camera with both hands, cause one is bruised pretty bad but the one hand I hold the phone with is hurting too,” Baggett recalled to Live Action. “Then she grabbed my phone and ran to her car. I went after her and demanded she give me the phone back [and she] finally threw it in the grass.”

Apparently abortion escorts were yelling at the pro-life activist to leave after she was assaulted. “The man who was in the first car, who she was with apparently, he came back before the police showed up,” she claimed. “I thought he was going to try to harm us so I started taking his picture and telling him the police were on the way. He left in a hurry. I called the police and filed a report.”

Robert Mog, who is trying to help Baggett track the identity of her assailant, told Live Action that “Mary was definitely emotionally shook up – she wasn’t even initially focusing on the drivers when the incident happened, and it happened pretty quickly, or seemed to.”

“These clinic escorts are trying to incite people to violence against us, in my opinion,” noted Baggett. “The week before this happened, one of the clinic escorts called her former NFL husband to come and verbally assault me. He is huge and it was scary. I called the police on to the scene and made a report about that too.”

“We believe that the escorts riled her up into doing this – you can see one filming from behind,” said Mog. “They have been doing that a lot lately.”

Earlier this month, praying pro-life teens and an elderly sidewalk counselor were harassed by Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims, a Democrat. The Daily Wire reported:

Sims made headlines on Saturday when he live-streamed himself harassing an elderly pro-life sidewalk counselor for over seven minutes. “Shame on you! Shame on you!” the Democrat continuously shouted at the woman. “What you’re doing out here is disgusting. You have no business being out here! … An old white lady telling people what’s right to do with their bodies. Shame on you. Shame! Shame!”

The Democrat also taped himself threatening to dox three teenage girls who were praying outside the abortion clinic. “What we’ve got here is a bunch of protesters, a bunch of pseudo-Christian protesters who’ve been out here shaming young girls for being here,” Sims screams at them. “So here’s the deal, I’ve got a $100 for anyone who will identify any of these three.”

Moreover, earlier this week, a pro-abortion feminist was arrested after stealing a sign from a pro-life activist belonging to the group Created Equal on the University of North Carolina campus.


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