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WATCH: FBI Agent Busts A Move On The Dance Floor, Accidentally Shoots Friend

By  Emily Zanotti

An off-duty FBI agent was busting a move on the dance floor at a Denver distillery Saturday, punctuating his killer steps with a couple of backflips, when he accidentally dropped his weapon, shooting another patron in the leg.

According to local media, the unnamed agent was partying at Denver’s Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar when he decided to do a solo dance in the middle of the bar. During one of his flips, a gun tucked into his waistband fell onto the floor. The agent apparently picked the weapon up by the trigger, causing it to accidentally discharge, hitting a fellow barfly.

Denver police released a statement about the incident Saturday evening. “It appears an off-duty Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agent was dancing at a night club when his firearm became dislodged from its waistband holster and fell onto the floor. When the agent retrieved his handgun an unintended discharge occurred, another patron was struck by a bullet in the lower leg,” the Denver Police Department said.

Unfortunately, for the agent, the incident was caught on cell phone video by a woman known only as “Julie,” who told local media that she was just trying to tape the agent’s dance when suddenly all hell broke loose.

“Everyone was kind of shocked after it happened because [the agent] kind of put his gun back away and then he walked away,” Julie told Denver’s Fox affiliate. “No one really knew what was going on.”


The man who was shot received non-life threatening injuries and is expected to recover.

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