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WATCH: Far-Left Democrat Ilhan Omar Proposes Extreme Tax Rate

By  Ryan Saavedra

Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) proposed an extreme tax rate on America’s top earners on Tuesday, suggesting that they pay up to “90 percent” in order to pay for the multi-trillion dollar programs that Democrats want.

Omar made the remarks during an interview on Yahoo News‘ “Through Her Eyes” with women’s rights activist Zainab Salbi.

Salbi asked Omar how Democrats plan to pay for a “Green New Deal” and Medicare For All, which would cost $49 trillion over the next ten years and $32.6 trillion over the next 10 years, respectively.

“There are a few things that we can do,” Omar said. “One of them, is that we can increase the taxes that people are paying who are the extremely wealthy in our communities. So, 70 percent, 80 percent, we’ve had it as high as 90 percent. So, that’s a place we can start.”

“The one percent must pay their fair share,” Omar continued.

In the majority of states, a person has to be making in the $300-500K range to be among the top 1% of earners.

Omar also lamented the massive increase in defense spending that happened after 9/11, saying, “most of the money that we have in there is much more than with we spend on education, on healthcare.”


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat who is considering running for president in 2020, took a swipe at far-left Democrats this week over their proposed “Green New Deal,” suggesting that it was not “realistic.”

Bloomberg also noted that Medicare-for-All “would bankrupt us for a very long time.”

Omar, who is in her first term in Congress, has been steeped in controversy for years, dating back to when allegations surfaced that she married her brother and committed marriage and immigration fraud.

In her first few weeks in Congress, Omar has made multiple anti-Semitic comments, spread homophobic conspiracy theories about a Republican senator, and defended a hate group that attacked a group of school children.

Omar is also accused of “committing several campaign finance violations,” Conservative Review reported. “She cozies up to the Hamas-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). She engages in conspiratorial anti-Semitism and supports a movement that seeks to eliminate the world’s lone Jewish state.”

“Last week, in calling for the U.S. to stop supporting the Venezuelan opposition against socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, Omar drew support from two Kremlin-backed correspondents, Abby Martin and Rania Khalek,” Conservative Review added. “Martin has worked for Russian state media and is currently employed by a network that was started by the late socialist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. She is also a 9/11 truther. Khalek is a terrorist apologist who works for In The Now, which is a media project backed by the Russian government.”

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