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WATCH: ‘Family Guy’ Jokes About Kevin Spacey Locking Kids Up In His Basement

On Sunday night, actor Anthony Rapp accused Hollywood legend Kevin Spacey of making a “sexual advance” towards him when he was only 14 years old.

In light of the allegation, internet sleuths quickly unearthed a video from Seth MacFarlane’s TV show Family Guy in which one of the characters makes a reference to being locked up in Kevin Spacey’s basement.

Stewie, who is a baby, runs through a mall yelling, “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement. Help me!”


MacFarlane’s joke in the hit comedy show could carry more weight now given his remarks about Harvey Weinstein in 2013 where he alluded to women having to “pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

“Congratulations! You five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein!” MacFarlane said during the 2013 Oscar nominations.​