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WATCH: ESPN DOESN’T GET IT: Host Gets Warning But No Suspension After Calling Trump A ‘F***ing Stupid Person’

By  Hank Berrien

Just when you think ESPN’s failing ratings might give them a clue that the public is sick of their leftist sympathies, you get this: ESPN host Katie Nolan, appearing on on VICELAND’s “Desus & Mero” on Wednesday, called President Trump a “f***ing stupid person” and ESPN only warned her, refusing to suspend her.

Speaking to the hosts about hand gestures associated with white supremacists, Nolan burbled, “I just found what this means,” holding up her index finger and thumb together. “I’ve been using that to mean okay for so long. I’m like, ‘F***, what?

Host Desus Nice asked, “You came on this show to let people know you’re down with the alt-right people?”

“No!” she screamed, then held up her thumb, asking, “Is this banned?”

Holding up his thumb, Desus answered, “This is bad, and the okay, they’re both for white power.”

“F***ing hell,” she muttered.

Host Mero stated, “Thumbs up is white power now? Holy s***.”

After Nolan agreed that the Kermit meme is used by the alt-right, then held up her thumb and forefinger and continued, “This we obviously know,” (is used by the alt-right) Desus held up his thumb and pontificated, “Cause Trump always does this –”

Nolan asserted, “Because he’s a f******” prompting Mero to burst into laughter. She continued, “Back it up; back it up. That’s because he’s a f***ing stupid person.”

A representative for ESPN told TMZ that Nolan had been warned but not suspended, adding, “We have looked into the totality of Nolan’s comments, they were inappropriate and we have addressed it with her.”

Nolan was hired by ESPN last October after working at Fox Sports as the host of “Garbage Time.” ESPN executive vice president Connor Schell stated, “Katie is smart, dynamic and brings to ESPN a fresh perspective and a great sense of humor. She is a rare talent and will represent our brand incredibly well as we continue to expand across the digital space.”

Video below starting at 12:50:

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