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WATCH: For A Dedicated Feminist, Serena Williams Yells At A Lot Of Female Judges

Serena Williams is in hot water after blaming an on-court loss at the U.S. Open on rampant sexism within the sport of tennis.

Sports journalists and women’s rights activists have been quick to take Serena’s side, claiming that the superstar player is treated differently than male competitors in the same sport, and that Serena is unfairly maligned as “difficult” and “explosive,” even as men who have a less-than-stellar on-court demeanor are beloved and hailed as mere “bad boys.”

But for a so-called “feminist” and dedicated supporter of women in tennis, Serena Williams sure takes her anger out on a lot of female judges.

Austen Fletcher made a super-cut.


Maybe her idea of “pushing equality” means physically intimidating both genders equally?