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WATCH: Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Interviews Pro-Life Rally Attendees In Philadelphia Sparked By Democrat Rep. Brian Sims

By  Ashe Schow

Pro-life advocates gathered on Friday outside the Philadelphia-area Planned Parenthood building where Democrat State Rep. Brian Sims had previously live-streamed himself harassing an elderly woman praying outside the office and encouraged people to dox three underage girls.

The rally was the brainchild of The Daily Wire’s own Matt Walsh, who addressed Sims directly at the rally, saying: “We are sending a message to bullies like Brian Sims. We will not be intimidated, we will not be silenced. If you try to shut us up, we are only going to get louder. If you try to shame us, we are only going to stand taller.”

Walsh, it should be noted, was the only male speaker at the rally, even though abortion activists try to paint the pro-life movement as part of the patriarchy trying to control women’s’ bodies.

As reportedly more than 1,000 people gathered, The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles asked attendees why it was so important to gather in Philadelphia that day and what their message was for Sims.

Lila Rose, founder of the pro-life group Live Action, told Knowles that the movement “does not back down to bullies.”

“We’re here because the pro-life movement does not back down to bullies, they do not back down to harassment. We stand against bullying, especially the bullying that kills children in the womb by the hundreds each day,” Rose said.

“We fight for the dignity of all people. We fight for the dignity of Brian Sims. We fight for the dignity of every person, so if Brian Sims were here we would welcome him,” she added.

“This crowd has come together in such a short amount of time. [It] just shows that people love our unborn babies,” said Graham Allen, host of the “Dear America” podcast.

Lauren Muzyka, executive director of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, told Knowles that Sims should have apologized to the women he harassed.

“If he was a real man, he would have been here today and he wouldn’t have made an apology to Planned Parenthood, he would have apologized individually to that elderly grandmother and those minor children that he encouraged other people to dox,” Muzyka said.

Knowles also spoke to a couple who support Sims and said Trump has been “taking away our liberties for two years now; we’re trying to get them back.” When Knowles asked what grew inside a woman’s womb if it was not a baby, the man first couldn’t give an answer and then said sarcastically to the woman beside him: “He wants a biology lesson.”

“I’m so disappointed. The day is winding down here; I’m in Brian Sims’ neighborhood, but he doesn’t want to come out and talk to us,” Knowles concluded in his video. “We flew in from all over the country because Brian Sims wants to have conversations with pro-life people — that’s what he says. I guess all he really wants to do is bully underage girls and elderly women.”

“When it’s people coming out defending our views — people he can’t bully, people he can’t dox, people he can’t harass — Brian Sims hides in this apartment center. Too bad,” the podcast host added.

Watch the full video below:

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