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WATCH: Corbyn Mocks Trump, Boris Johnson, Blames The West For London Terrorist Murders Last Week

By  Hank Berrien
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers a speech on international and foreign policy at York College on December 01, 2019 in York, England.
Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

On Monday, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted a political attack video in which he blamed those countries who led the invasion of Iraq after 9/11 for the terrorist murderers of two Londoners last week, claimed the war on terror has “manifestly failed,” argued against confronting Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and which murdered over 100 of its own citizens in the past week in order for the despotic regime to survive, and concluded with an attack on President Trump, whining, “Real security requires calmly making the right calls at moments of high pressure. So it is time for Britain to stop clinging to Donald Trump’s coattails. Boris Johnson has been the world’s leading sycophant towards the president.”

Corbyn began: “Sixteen years ago I warned against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. I said it would set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism, the depression and the misery of future generations. It did.”

Over a photo of the flowers for the two Londoners murdered in a terrorist attack last week, Corbyn intoned, “And we are still living with the consequences today of that decision in 2003.” He continued, “I was also one of the few in Parliament who warned against the NATO-led intervention in Libya in 2011; Britain should not have joined that conflict, which has, as a result, created a vast, ungoverned space that’s contributed to misery in the region and made us less safe in this country and indeed, many other parts of Europe.”

Corbyn proclaimed, “The war on terror has manifestly failed. Britain’s repeated military interventions in North Africa and the wider Middle East, including Afghanistan, have exacerbated rather than resolved the problems.”

He continued, “Now we risk being dragged into a further conflict with Iran on the side of the Saudi regime which is itself an enemy of human rights and prolonging a desperate humanitarian crisis in Yemen, interfering in its neighbors’ affairs and murdering journalists. This policy has not made us one bit safer; if anything, it has made us less safe. So, Labour will stop arm sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen.”

Then, the attack on Trump: “Real security requires calmly making the right calls at moments of high pressure. So it is time for Britain to stop clinging to Donald Trump’s coattails. Boris Johnson has been the world’s leading sycophant towards the president. Our foreign policy will be defined by our commitments to human rights, international justice, and peace, not enthusiasm for was that fuel, rather than combat terrorism and insecurity.”

Corbyn’s sympathies for the despotic Iranian regime and other terrorist supporters  have been documented before; as The Australian wrote in an op-ed on Monday:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s shamefully pusillanimous response to the London Bridge terrorist attack should leave British voters in no doubt about the choice in next week’s election. His offhand “not necessarily, no” response when asked on Sky News UK whether he agreed terrorists should be kept in jail and not automatically released after serving half their sentences was a chilling reminder of the place Britain will be if Mr. Corbyn wins. It was fine, he indicated, for convicted terrorists such as Usman Khan, the London Bridge jihadist who knifed two people to death and injured another three, to be released early if they had been “rehabilitated.” …

No one should be surprised, however, by Mr. Corbyn’s naive and typically lunar-left indulgence towards terrorists and terrorism or attempts to blame the latest atrocity on Tory government cuts to prison and probationary services while carrying on about imprisoned terrorists’ human rights. Such concerns hardly accord with his longstanding “friendships” with the IRA (he had its leaders to tea two weeks after the Brighton IRA bombings almost wiped out Margaret Thatcher’s government) and murderous Hamas and Hezbollah thugs, and links to Iran’s terrorist-supporting regime.


Corbyn video below:


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