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WATCH: Comedy Central Mocks Black Trump Voter. He Doesn’t Budge.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a child as he speaks during a rally at the KI Convention Center on October 17, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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Last week, Comedy Central aired a segment in which Roy Wood Jr. went to Atlanta to interview a panel of six black voters and ask them about the 2020 presidential election. When one of the voters said he would vote for President Trump in 2020, Wood Jr. consistently mocked him, even praying for him at the end of he segment, but the man resolutely stood up for Trump.

The segment began with Wood Jr. asking who voted for Barack Obama in 2012. Five of the six voters said they did, with one woman admitting she had been too young. He then asked, “Which candidate do you think best understands the needs of the black voter?”

One voter said Sen. Elizabeth Warren while another named Sen. Bernie Sanders. Then Wood Jr. turned to a voter named Chris, asking him, “Chris, who do you think best understands the need of the black voter?”

Chris answered simply, “Donald Trump.” The woman in front of Chris, muttered, “Huh,” prompting laughter from the audience.

Wood Jr. turned to Chris: “Explain.”

Chris proceeded to do just that: “Some of the stuff I’ve heard he’s already doing, like prison reform. He’s been hanging around black people as long as I can remember. They loved him until he ran for president as a Republican. Trump was the man.”

Wood Jr., mocking Chris, turned to the rest of the panel: “Raise your hand if you remember when Trump was the man.”

After one woman accused Trump of not letting blacks rent apartments he owned in the past, Chris looked straight at Wood Jr. , saying bluntly, “Roy knows what I’m talking about.”

Wood Jr. played a voiceover of himself mocking, “I don’t know what he’s talking about,” adding, “but maybe some word association will show us what they think of the other candidates.”

After holding up pictures of various Democratic presidential candidates and asking what the voters thought of them, Wood Jr. asked about Senator Kamala Harris dancing to Cardi B., prompting the panel to say Harris was pandering. Wood Jr. asked, “So what is Kamala supposed to do? When you’re out and you’re black in a bad place, do you not do a little dance when you’re walking along with a second line?”

One woman answered, “I think we’re harder on the black candidates, to be honest.” A man on the panel added, “I think it’s difficult for black people like her, even Cory (Booker), to be themselves when the spotlight is on them.”

Wood Jr. asked, “Is there a behavioral expectation that’s put on black candidates that’s not put on white candidates?” Most of the panel agreed. Wood Jr. asked, “Why do you think that is for black voters?” A woman answered, “Because we see ourselves in them, and if they’re acting a certain way, then we’re like, ‘Um, no.’”

Wood Jr. posited, “White people are watching. Don’t act like that in front of people.”

Woman: Exactly.

Later in the segment, Wood Jr. asked how many of the voters thought Trump would win reelection. Four said he would, prompting Wood Jr. to ask, “Do you honestly think any of these Democratic candidates can beat Trump?” After one voter speculated that the Democrats need to unify behind one candidate, Wood Jr. continued, “So, we all need to agree on who that one candidate is and then all the other candidates support them. Tell me who’s that candidate.” Several names were offered, displaying the fractured nature of the Democratic voting bloc.

That allowed Chris to interject, “Trump 2020, baby!” Wood Jr. walked off the set, then returned to lead the voters in a prayer for Chris:

Father God, we call on you right now to pray for Chris — Chris, close your eyes, we’re praying for you — We ask you, Father God, to help Christopher; Lord, we respect Chris as a voter, Lord, but we just hope that his check-engine light comes on in November on Election Day to make sure that his truck does not start. These and many other blessings we ask in your name, Jesus’ name.

Woman voter: Hallelujah!

Wood Jr.: Amen.

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