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CNN’s Cooper Explodes Over Memes About Him, Lies During Fact-Check

CNN’s Anderson Cooper became enraged on Monday over pictures and memes of him that had been spread over the weekend on social media that showed him in flood waters, which many falsely assumed was from Hurricane Florence.

The images were from ten years ago when Hurricane Ike hit the Southern United States and Cooper was reporting from Texas.

Cooper used the fact-check segment to lie about Donald Trump Jr. after the president’s son had tweeted out a picture from the 2008 broadcast.

“Donny Jr. was claiming it showed me in Florence faking the depths of flood waters in order to somehow harm his father,” Cooper said. “And I quote from his tweet ‘stop lying to try to make @realDonaldTrump look bad.'”

Trump Jr. never said the photo was from Hurricane Florence and he was clearly not insinuating that Cooper was “faking the depths of flood waters in order to somehow harm his father.”

The tweet was a link to a news article that highlighted the fact that CNN’s ratings have collapsed by 41% compared to the same time last year. Trump Jr. was clearly suggesting that if CNN wanted their ratings to improve they should not lie about his father. The picture was merely added to the tweet as a troll move.

Cooper proceeded by attacking Trump Jr. for hunting animals and for not being on the ground actively helping in the recovery of Hurricane Florence.

Cooper also bemoaned the fact that the photo had shown up in “various memes alleging fake news.”

One such meme came from Trump official Lynne Patton, who serves in the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who tweeted the following:

Andrew Surabian, a spokesman for Trump Jr., responded to CNN PR employee Matt Dornic after he attacked Trump Jr. and Patton over their tweets, by writing:

Dornic tried to prove that Trump Jr. was referencing Hurricane Florence by tweeting out a photo of a post from Trump Jr.’s Instagram that did not show Trump Jr. referencing Hurricane Florence: