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WATCH: CNN Smears O’Keefe in Attempt to Discredit Vids Exposing DNC Fraud

By  Chase Stephens

The Clinton News Network is having a hard time swallowing the amount of damaging footage being released by James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas team.

With every new video, O’Keefe exposes what many have known for years: the DNC is as crooked as their leader Crooked Hillary.

In the clip below, CNN’s senior investigative reporter Drew Griffin introduces the O’Keefe story by disparaging the undercover journalist.

Griffin says, “The videos were first released yesterday by this man James O’Keefe, it’s undercover video, and a big caveat here, O’Keefe has been widely discredited and is known for editing video to fit his narrative.”

The CNN reporter then choked back his vomit and added, “But what [O’Keefe] showed in these videos was enough to have one man fired and another resign and the DNC sharply moving away from the progressive lobbying group where these guys worked.”

Griffin goes on to report that Scott Foval, the former Deputy Political Director at the George Soros-funded “People for the American Way,” was fired from his new job at “Americans United for Change” after being shown on the tapes revealing all the dirty ways the DNC is affecting the outcome of this election. Foval’s boss, Bob Creamer, also seen in the videos and referred to as the mastermind of sorts, is the one who was under contract with DNC while orchestrating all of these schemes.

Creamer, who’s wife is of course a Democrat Congresswoman from Illinois, tried to brush off the videos by telling Griffin that this was just “bar room talk” and that Foval is a “braggart.”

“With respect to [Foval’s] comments, on tape, they are flat out wrong,” Creamer told CNN, adding, “We have gone to extreme measures to ensure no violence took place at any of out [counter protest] events.”

Creamer, who founded the DNC contracted Democracy Partners, and who spends great deal of time at the White House according to the official logs (340 visits, 45 of which were with President Obama), was just forced out of his own organization because of these videos coming to light showing him telling O’Keefe’s operative that Hillary is fully aware of all the seedy activities his group coordinates.

Ironically, Democracy Partners put out a statement via their Facebook page saying that they have been attacked by a “well-funded, systematic spy operation that is the modern day equivalent of the Watergate burglars.” (Could you craft a more paranoid sounding statement?)

O’Keefe responded to Creamer via Twitter, (below):

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