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WATCH: CNN’s Stelter Pushes Insane Conspiracy Theory On Trump. Twitter Explodes.

By  Ryan

On Thursday, CNN’s Brian Stelter pushed a conspiracy theory that would make Infowars’ Alex Jones laugh, claiming that President Donald Trump picked his new National Security Advisor today to distract from CNN’s interview with a playboy model who claimed she had an affair with Trump a decade ago.

Stelter, who regularly attacks conspiracy theorists, said that Trump might have picked former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton to be his new National Security Advisor today because he wanted to take attention away from an unflattering story.

In a tweet, Stelter wrote: “Bolton said he ‘didn’t expect an announcement this afternoon.’ So I can’t help but wonder: Did Trump oust McMaster and hire Bolton to distract from CNN’s interview with Karen McDougal?”


Twitter instantly exploded once Stelter tweeted out the video clip, mocking him for the conspiracy theory. A few examples of responses below:

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