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WATCH: CNN Interviews Man Who Won’t Move Out Of Parents’ Home. It’s Embarrassing.

In an interview on Wednesday, CNN spoke with a 30-year-old man who was legally evicted in court from his parents’ home in New York this week after they had asked him to move out multiple times. It was cringe-worthy.

In the ridiculous interview, Michael Rotondo discussed his embarrassing story with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, saying that he views his parents’ attempts to get him to move out as “attacks.”

“Let me just understand because I hear you on your parents giving you notices, the fact that you are on national television talking about moving out of your parents’ house, you tell me you want to move out of your parents’ house,” Baldwin said. “Why don’t you just move out of your parents’ house like tomorrow?”

“I don’t have the means to do that tomorrow,” Rotondo whined.

“Okay,” Baldwin replied. “Do you have a job?”

“No,” Rotondo responded.

“Do you not want privacy, Michael?” Baldwin asked. “Do you not want relationships, boyfriend, girlfriend, friendship, space, not shared walls with mom and dad?”

Rotondo responded that he does want those things but said he never wants to reconcile with his parents.