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WATCH: CNN Doxes Elderly Trump Supporter, Harasses Her, Accuses Her Of Working For Russian Trolls

A reporter for CNN appeared to harass an elderly woman in Florida during a segment that aired on the network on Tuesday, accusing her of working with Russian nationals during the 2016 presidential election.

CNN special investigations unit reporter Drew Griffin approached the woman at what appears to be her home and got confrontational with her, making her visibly upset in the process as she was obviously overwhelmed by having a television crew in her face making accusations against her.


CNN obviously did not pay attention to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s announcement of the indictments on Friday where he stated:

There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.

CNN’s decision to publish her full name has led to people harassing her online. The Daily Wire reviewed a social media account that matches the name, location, and appears to be the same identity of the woman interrogated by CNN, and upon review, she is being harassed as a direct result of CNN’s report. People attacked her with the following comments:

  • “Don’t care if the Russians were in or not? Wow! Shows you what bad people will do to win.. I think its time we LOCK HER UP!”
  • “I hope that American stupidity is not contagious, because there are too many stupid ‘Orange Small_Hands Donalds’ around in America.”
  • “Maybe you can get the Russians to pay to have your teeth cleaned, they’re looking a bit like Indian corn.”
  • “what a disgrace you are! How dumb can you be that even in the face of the truth you can not even accept it. AND if you are JEWISH it is even more shameful! SHONDA! Get a clue! The trolls worked you over really well! You and your friends are truly sick! Stop being a stupid women and get the truth!”
  • “You rotten traitor pig. Rot in hell you ignorant piece of slime.”
  • “You are too stupid for words, a punchline.”
  • “Keep laughing you ignorant whore. You are the poster child for what’s wrong with America.”
  • “In my opinion you should be tried for collusion with Russia. Your ignorance and inability to realize you were promoting Russian propaganda is not a defense. Look at what you’ve done. You should be ashamed of yourself.”
  • “Russian Troll!!! Traitor old hag”
  • “You should be hanged for treason!!!”
  • “Goldfarbs are Russian trolls.
    Alan Goldfarb and and Jarret Edway?
    WTF, old Jewish couple working for the Russians”
  • “You disgusting flabby skinned yellow toothed hag. Communist pig. You’re scum”

CNN’s report comes after it was revealed that the network enthusiastically covered anti-Trump rallies that were staged by the Russians, for which President Donald Trump wasted no time hitting the left-leaning organization.

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