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WATCH: CNN Asks Andrew Gillum How He’ll Pay For $33 Trillion Plan. He Fails Big Time.

CNN’s Dana Bash repeatedly pressed Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum on Sunday over his support for a $33 trillion government-run health care system and how he intends to pay for it.

“A study earlier this summer from George Mason University estimates that Medicare for all, that plan, would cost the government $33 trillion — with a T — dollars over the next decade, which obviously would require a significant tax increase,” Bash said. “Are you ready to tell the people of Florida that they need to pay a lot more in taxes to fund your health care plan?”

Gillum struggled mightily in responding to Bash’s question as he tried to deflect from answering the question, saying that the $33 trillion health care program could save the government money.

Not satisfied with Gillum’s response, Bash continued to push him over how he plans to pay for the astronomically-expensive program.

Gillum responded by claiming that Florida couldn’t do it alone; taxes would not be raised, and that 700,000 people would be helped, before he claimed that it was a personal issue for him as he claimed that he had a rough childhood.

Still unable to answer the question, Gillum blamed President Donald Trump and Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis for health care being expensive before he finally admitted that he will raise taxes on Florida businesses to pay for his plan.