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WATCH: Chris Cuomo: Trump Didn’t Win Nobel Peace Prize Because Of ‘Failing To Call Out Domestic Terror’
Television journalist Chris Cuomo is seen arriving at 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' at the Ed Sullivan Theater on May 2, 2019 in New York Cit
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Concluding his CNN show “Cuomo Prime Time” on Friday night, CNN host Chris Cuomo ranted that President Donald Trump, who had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by two legislators from Norway and Sweden, did not win because of his “failing to call out domestic terror.”

“Here’s something you’re not hearing on Fox. Trump didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize today,” Cuomo began. “Wonder why? Maybe it was failing to call out domestic terror, like the 13 suspects who may have been acting on his insurrection calls to liberate Michigan. They were all charged in a kidnapping plot against Michigan’s governor and trying to overthrow government. Not very peace-y.”

“Trump wasn’t nominated for any do-gooding in this country because he’s too busy dividing and inflaming,” Cuomo opined. “I wonder if that impressed the judges. Oh, by the way, he was nominated by this far-right Norwegian lawmaker who put his name in for working on the UAE-Israel peace deal and there was a Swedish parliament member who nominated him for helping secure an economic deal between Serbia and Kosovo.”

Cuomo noted, “The World Food Program for its efforts to combat hunger, they won,” then snarked, “By the way, we may need them here soon, an ever-increasing number are waiting in line for food in America. In an economy this president calls the greatest of all time, despite the worst unemployment rate since the 1940s.”

Cuomo made no mention of how COVID-19 had affected Trump’s robust economy. In February, before the virus started to affect the economy, the unemployment rate was resting at a remarkable 3.5% rate. The Federalist noted in September that in 2019 the poverty level rested at 10.5%; the lowest level since 1959 when the federal government first kept track.

Newsbusters also pointed out, “As CNN likes to say, we need to put the facts first. While the April unemployment rate was 14.7 percent due to the economic lockdowns (the ones Cuomo’s brother supported), the current employment rate is 7.9 percent, in October 2012 when President Obama was running for re-election the unemployment rate was also 7.9 percent.”

The Cuomo segued back to attacking Trump: “Maybe Trump would win a prize for peace if he didn’t empower hate. Maybe he would be called peaceful if he didn’t call the quest for social justice racist and call Black Lives Matter a symbol of hate. Maybe if he fought domestic terror instead of encouraging it, people would see him as peaceful. Maybe he’d win a peace prize if he didn’t threaten that he might now peacefully leave the White House if he loses. Maybe he’d win one if he didn’t berate his cabinet members for not prosecuting political enemies.”

“Peace would be a much better fit if he were about peace, and not hate,” Cuomo pontificated. “I wish you all peace this weekend. The best blessings for your head and hearts and your families. Thank you for watching.”


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