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WATCH: Candace Owens Rips Dems: ‘There Is Something Proprietary About Black Skin To Democrats’
Candace Owens, conservative commentator and political activist, speaks at the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) Leadership Forum during the NRA annual meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S., on Friday, April 26, 2019. President Trump announced that his administration is withdrawing from a global arms treaty that set rules for sales and transfers of small arms, missile launchers and warships. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg
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Speaking with Tucker Carlson of Fox News on Thursday, Candace Owens slammed leftists who attacked Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is black, as a traitor to his race after a Kentucky grand jury announced that one former officer involved in the death of Breonna Taylor had been indicted on three charges of first-degree wanton endangerment while two other officers had not been indicted.

On Wednesday, retired Los Angeles police sergeant Cheryl Dorsey, a black woman, slammed Cameron. Dorsey said of Cameron, “Well, listen. Not only is he being intellectually dishonest about that, you know, I find all of his remarks with regards to this whole entire press conference offensive. … Let me say this as a black woman. He does not speak for black folks. He’s skin-folk, but he is not kinfolk. And so just like he thinks they can’t speak for Kentucky, because he is up there with a black face, he does not speak for all of us. This was not a tragedy. This was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself.

Carlson said to Owens, “You saw the Attorney General of Kentucky, and I think I’d be honest enough to say that even if I disagreed with him, he certainly made a rational case for his position, and a pretty traditionally American case: rioting is not justice. And then you see him attacked as a race traitor. What do you make of that?”

“For me, it’s absolutely infuriating to watch,” Owens answered. “And you are correct in saying that I’ve been on the receiving end of the same sorts of attacks. Here’s what’s so fundamentally wrong and backwards about it, is that if you actually look at what they are saying and what the deeper implications are here, it’s that there is a right way, a correct way and a wrong way to be black. Meaning that you can look at me, Tucker, and say, ‘Candace Owens is black, and therefore I can assign a bunch of characteristics and expectations upon to her based on her skin color.’ Ironically, that’s the very definition of racism and it’s coming from the liberals who like to say that they see racism everywhere but they can’t recognize it when it’s coming out of their own mouths.”

“I’ve often said the Democrat party has built almost a prototype of what it means to be a black American; that prototype means a black American must vote Democrat,” Owens continued. “You must react emotionally and not rationally and not pause to think. We must be faithful and abide by cultural icons, meaning we must worship the words and advice of ‘King’ Lebron James, as he’s called, and ‘Queen’ Beyonce. ‘Queen’ Beyonce being the person, I will remind your listeners and viewers, who actually wrote a letter to hurry up the Attorney General in his investigation and said that she wanted her kind of justice delivered in the Breonna Taylor case.”

“He did the right thing by ignoring her; he did the right thing by ignoring various pressures coming from culture and the mainstream media, and for that you’re seeing him being socially lynched and stripped of his identity because he acted professionally and rationally,” Owens asserted. “This guy should be commended by both sides and instead he’s being attacked racially by the left.”

Carlson pointed out, “It’s beyond belief how patronizing it is, but it’s also an attack on the most basic freedom of all, which is the right of every American to think for himself: ‘That’s my view; I disagree.’ That’s the most American thing you can say, but they don’t recognize that right.”

Owens concluded:

They don’t. And what I get especially frustrated with, Tucker, is this kind of a thought process. It only exists — it only is placed on black Americans. You can’t imagine a scenario in which Joe Biden would say, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t white. Why, that doesn’t even sound right.  Suddenly you’re like, “What are you talking about? You have to come to us with ideas and get us to see your perspective. But when it’s black Americans’ they view it as proprietary. There is something proprietary about black skin to Democrats, and they get super-angry at people who think independently, like myself, like the Attorney General, and like various other black Americans who are waking up to this delusion.

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