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WATCH: Buttigieg Doesn’t Want His Ties To Horrifying Abortion Doctor Politicized
Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, speaks during a campaign stop in Ankeny, Iowa, U.S., on Friday, Feb. 8, 2019. A flurry of proposals to slap new taxes on the ultra-wealthy, extend Medicare to all Americans and make college debt-free reflect a rapidly changing Democratic Party that sees a sharp left turn as the path to defeating President Donald Trump.
Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg finally responded on Wednesday to the horrifying revelation that an abortion doctor who was affiliated to an abortion clinic that Buttigieg repeatedly supported had kept the remains of more than 2,000 unborn babies at his home, saying that he hopes the story does not become too political.

Buttigieg “spoke to reporters about the 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains family members found on former Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s property in Illinois after he died on Sept. 3,” The Daily Caller reported.

“I find that news out of Illinois extremely disturbing and I think it’s important that that be fully investigated,” Buttigieg said. “I also hope that it doesn’t get caught up in politics at a time when women need access to health care. There’s no question that what happened is disturbing. It’s unacceptable.”


Buttigieg did not respond to questions from multiple news organizations over the last week about the horrifying story, possibly because he has voiced repeated support for abortion clinics affiliated with the doctor.

“Klopfer was one of South Bend’s leading abortion providers before the state pulled his medical license in 2016 for failing to properly report ‘an abortion on two girls under the age of 14,'” The Free Beacon reported. “After Klopfer’s clinic was shut down, Buttigieg blocked the opening of a pro-life pregnancy center and endorsed the opening of a new Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic tied to one of Klopfer’s former employees.”

“The South Bend clinic would be the only one for a radius of several counties,” Buttigieg spokesperson Chris Meagher said in August. “It is a restriction on a woman’s right if she is low-income, or doesn’t have a vehicle, and she has to visit multiple times, but the clinic is dozens of miles away.”

“In April 2018, Buttigieg vetoed a South Bend Common Council rezoning decision that would have allowed a pro-life pregnancy center, Women’s Care Center, to open next door to Whole Woman’s Health,” The Free Beacon noted in a separate report. “Buttigieg told the South Bend Tribune he did not find it ‘responsible’ to situate the two organizations ‘literally right next to each other’ despite Women’s Care Center’s promise not to allow protestors to stage demonstrations on their property.”

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Liz Harrington slammed Buttigieg over his “extreme views” on abortion in a statement to The Washington Examiner, saying: “Buttigieg invokes the Bible to justify abortion up until a baby takes a breath. Will he use it to condemn the evil acts of an abortionist who operated unlicensed out of his home town?”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) slammed Buttigieg over his connection to the monsterous abortion doctor in a lengthy Twitter thread.

“It must be noted Pete Buttigieg opposed options for women in South Bend that could’ve provided an alternative to the direct descendant to Ulrich Klopfer’s house of horrors,” Banks wrote. “I was working with then-Governor Mike Pence while I was in the Indiana Senate to restrict Indiana abortionists – who we felt needed additional oversight – and at the same time promote better care options for women.”

“Our fears became justified after the Women’s Pavilion (owned by Dr. Klopfer) was found to have violated the law nine times. For example, Dr. Klopfer performed an abortion on a 10 yr old who was raped by her uncle,” Banks continued. “South Bend’s Whole Women’s Health replaced the Pavilion and employed some of the same staff as the Women’s Pavilion. Liam Morley, Dr. Klopfer’s former employee, was listed as the clinic’s administrator. One physician said it ‘has the same kind of profile as Dr. Klopfer’s.'”

“As such, the Indiana Department of Health found Whole Women’s Health unsafe for lacking a ‘reputable and responsible character.’ The State of Indiana denied the abortion facility a license,” Banks continued. “But there was a push to keep Whole Women’s Health open. That effort resulted in a federal judge issuing a preliminary injunction allowing it to perform unlicensed abortions.”

“This bothered many. Some residents decided to open a pro-life pregnancy center called Women’s Care Center right next to the Whole Women’s Health. The hope was that women would be provided a safe, alternative choice to Whole Women’s Health,” Banks continued. “But South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg obstructed the alternative facility. He proudly vetoed a rezoning decision, denying Women’s Care Center their intended site. It forced them to find a new location to open.”

“Afterwards, he touted his veto to the South Bend Tribune. Buttigieg told the Tribune he did not find it ‘responsible’ to situate the two organizations ‘literally right next to each other,'” Banks continued. “To this day, Mayor Pete seems proud he supported Whole Women’s Health with ‘the same kind of profile as Dr. Klopfer’s.’ His national press secretary recently touted it in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.”

“This is especially troubling now that we’ve learned what kind of monster Dr. Klopfer really was,” Banks continued. “Now that this has come to light, Mayor Pete Buttigieg should apologize for his actions and his flagrant disregard for the state of Indiana’s skepticism towards Whole Women’s Health.”

Banks concluded: “The good news in all this is that the pro-life Women’s Care Center remains undeterred. It serves 2/3 of mothers in South Bend and offers a multitude of free medical services, parenting classes and important goods such as strollers, cribs, car seats and clothing.”