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WATCH: Brett Kavanaugh Reveals His Judicial Philosophy In Nomination Speech

By  Ryan Saavedra

President Donald Trump nominated D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Monday to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Shortly after making his announcement, Kavanaugh came out and joined Trump and gave a short speech on being nominated to the nation’s highest court.

“Mr. President, thank you,” Kavanaugh began, according to a transcript from The Washington Post. “Throughout this process, I have witnessed firsthand your appreciation for the vital role of the American judiciary. No president has ever consulted more widely or talked with more people from more backgrounds to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination.”

“Thirty years ago, President Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court,” Kavanaugh said. “The framers established that the Constitution is designed to secure the blessings of liberty. Justice Kennedy devoted his career to securing liberty. I am deeply honored to be nominated to fill his seat on the Supreme Court.”

After speaking about his upbringing and his parents, Kavanaugh gave insight into his judicial philosophy, calling it “straightforward.”

“A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law,” Kavanaugh said.” A judge must interpret statutes as written. And a judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent.”

“Tomorrow, I begin meeting with members of the Senate, which plays an essential role in this process,” Kavanaugh continued. “I will tell each senator that I revere the Constitution. I believe that an independent judiciary is the crown jewel of our constitutional republic. If confirmed by the Senate, I will keep an open mind in every case and I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.”


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