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WATCH: This ‘Beto For Texas’ Flash Mob Is The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ll See All Day

By  Emily Zanotti

Beto O’Rourke may be running at least 7 points behind in his bid to unseat Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, but his legions of adoring fans are no less enthusiastic.

In fact, they’ve been practicing for days — days — to bring you this inspiring and upbeat music video, wherein they prove once and for all that white people cannot dance.

Behold: B-E-T-O.

If your speakers are turned down, or you’ve determined that this video is not safe for work — or, frankly, any other location in the civilized world — imagine they’re dancing to an updated version of the Village People’s classic, “Y-M-C-A,” but with “B-E-T-O” in place of the eponymous health club. Also, do not be alarmed. It does not appear anyone in the video is having an actual seizure.


In case you were wondering, it is real.

The video should give Ted Cruz a little relief, and not because these people actually had to practice to get this dance down pat, but because it appears only 30 people showed up to a planned Beto for Texas rally that was clearly so important, it required dancing.

“B-E-T-O” is, shockingly, not the only Beto O’Rourke-inspired production number filmed for dissemination on the web, though it is arguably the most enthusiastic. A group that bills itself as “Austin’s SNL” has a music video for its own original song, “Beto-mania” (though they pronounce it “Beh-to,” apparently for effect).

Beto’s real name, by the way, is “Robert Francis O’Rourke.”

No matter how you say it, Beto is in trouble: he’s now running at least 7 points behind Cruz in the latest poll, and despite raising more than $38 million for his campaign coffers, he’s blowing through his cash reserves at an alarming pace. By the time his fundraising numbers were revealed, Beto had spent more than $22 million — a burn rate of nearly 75%.

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