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WATCH: Avenatti Dodges Question When Asked Whether Kavanaugh Had Done Anything To His Client

Speaking on a phone interview with the hosts of “The View” on Wednesday, attorney Michael Avenatti, who had earlier released a statement from his client, Julie Swetnick, with new allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, dodged the question when he was asked if Kavanaugh had done anything to his client.

Host Sunny Hostin asked, “Did he do anything to this particular woman?”

Avenatti responded, “I’m sorry; I didn’t get the question.”

Hostin repeated, “Did he do anything to this particular woman, Julie Swetnick, or is she alleging that she just has seen him be aggressive with other women?”

Avenatti evaded the question, then segued into his personal demands:

Well, I think the allegations, Sunny, if you read further in the declaration, are far more specific, and, uh, relating to Brett Kavanaugh’s conduct towards women in general, including the attempts to , uh, drug, uh, women, by placing, uh, grain alcohol and/or drugs in basically the punch at these parties, that many of these women ended up gang-raped, unfortunately. I mean, the details in this declaration are specific; uh, hey are shocking, uh, but above all else they are true, and my client stands behind them 100% and she’s looking forward to having an opportunity to meet with one or more FBI agents, hopefully, and describe what happened, and she’s also prepared to testify if she’s permitted to do so, to the U.S. Senate. But under no circumstances should Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Supreme Court until these allegations and others are fully vetted, uh, and all of the facts and the truth are known.

You know, Brett Kavanaugh went on Fox a couple of days ago, and he stated that he wanted an opportunity to be heard. Well, he’s had an opportunity to be heard; he can certainly have an opportunity to be heard further by the FBI and others; I want my client to have an opportunity to be heard. I want Dr. Ford to have an opportunity to be heard, and I want the cooperating witnesses to have an opportunity to be heard.

Watch below: