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WATCH: Armed Bank Robber Slammed To The Ground By 63-Year-Old Hero

Newly released security camera footage shows the harrowing moments a customer saved the day inside of a Pennsylvania bank last Friday.

In the video below, provided by the Scott Township Police Department, 63-year-old Robert Sakosky can be seen moseying into the Honesdale National Bank around noon minding his own — when suddenly a masked man brandishing a pistol rushes in, aims at the clerk, and demands all the cash.

After the teller gives the armed assailant, 38-year-old John Ryall, the money, Sakosky, who’s been watching the events unfold, decides he’s had enough and can be seen tackling the criminal into a wall.

The two other customers in the bank took the tackle as their cue to escape.

Sakosky manages to get Ryall’s gun away from him and then aggressively slams the robber to the ground, eventually removing the money bag, as well as Ryall’s mask.

Though the would-be thief can be seen getting away on foot, Sakosky alerts the approaching police officer to Ryall’s escape route.

According to WNEP News,

A Scott Township police officer chased him through a neighborhood and tackled him.

Scott Township’s police chief then handcuffed and arrested the accused robber, who is now behind bars.

Ryall faces charges of robbery, six counts of reckless endangerment, terroristic threats, aggravated assault, three counts of simple assault, possession of an instrument of a crime, and theft.

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Sakosky, it turns out, is a mild-mannered general manager of the local Carbondale Grand Hotel. His employees told WNEP they were both “shocked by and proud of what he did.”

“He’s definitely a hero, but he’s just a normal guy. I mean, he’s personable. He’s a good boss. He never gets angry. I’m honestly surprised he did it,” employee Wade Nordahl told WNEP.

Local news footage, including an interview with one of Sakosky’s employees, below: