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WATCH: American Troops Find, Release Hilarious ISIS ‘Blooper Reel’

The Trump Administration’s Department of Defense may have ISIS on the run, but the damage done to the previously formidable radical Islamic powerhouse may be worse than previously thought.

On Wednesday, Afghan and U.S. Special Operations Forces released a “compilation” video of training and propaganda films found in ISIS strongholds, and the film looks less like a convincing demonstration of ISIS’ bravery and strength, and more like a blooper reel of amateur men in fatigues trying to pretend they’re Rambo.

“The four-minute long video shows the camouflage caftan-clad fighters perform calisthenics and spar with one another in a dimly-lit mosque,” the New York Daily News reports. “The footage comes from videos seized during a nighttime raid into the heart of ISIS-Khorasan operations in northern Afghanistan in March, according to a Department of Defense spokesperson.”

WATCH (wait for the very entertaining karate demonstration):

ISIS is reportedly trying to recruit foreign fighters from Islamic countries in southeast Asia to help build up their forces in Afghanistan. The group is by no means neutralized in the region — it carried out a deadly suicide attack just last week on a voter registration center — but it’s not likely this video will do them any favors.

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