WATCH: Alyssa Milano Gives Speech For The Ages At Impeachment Rally. (Ages 10-14)
A message pro-impeachment is projected on the facade of the City Hall building before the start of a protest in Los Angeles on December 17, 2019.
Photo by Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

On Tuesday night, addressing a pro-impeachment rally in front of Los Angeles’ City Hall, actress Alyssa Milano delivered a speech for the ages. (Ages 10-14, at least since it sounded like a young adolescent running for student body president.) Milano resorted to screaming that she was “ANGRY!” much like a petulant child; accusing the Republican party of thinking that “we are all stupid,” (no comment);  screaming that she has rules in her house about bad words or curse words (Never mind her relentless use of salty language on Twitter); calling President Trump an “asshole,” (see above, please), and finally concluding with a plea for the crowd to hold hands and chant a mantra like a prayer.

A special bonus: an appearance by disgraced former congresswoman Katie Hill, but we’ll get to that later.

Milano started by bellowing, “Show me what democracy looks like!”

The crowd responded, “This is what democracy looks like.”

After a brief back and forth of that chant, she continued:

Fellow snowflakes, listen to me carefully! I am angry! If he’s thought Greta (Thunberg) was angry, he’s seen nothing yet … I am ANGRY! And do you know why I’m so angry? I’m angry because I’m so tired. I’m tired of this. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not tired of fighting Donald Trump and his many, many impeachable offenses; I’m not tired of speaking truth to power; I will never tire of that. But I am so tired of being lied to by a president. And I’m tired that the entire Republican Party thinks that we are all stupid.

Milano segued to rules about potty mouths:

I’m a mom, right? So everybody has rules in our house about bad words or curse words. To me, the bad words aren’t s***, or f***, the bad words are “stupid” or “ugly.” And this entire Republican party thinks that the American people, the amazing American people, are all stupid. They think we’re dumb and they think we are so stupid that we’ll believe it when they tell us that the Democrats can’t possibly can’t get anything done because we’re so focused on impeachment.  Well, somebody please tell them that we know that the House has passed hundreds of bills this year. HUNDREDS OF BILLS!

She continued with potty-mouthed words of her own: “This a**hole has committed obstruction of justice, abuse of power, briber, obstruction of Congress, and the American people know this. And we also know the Republicans are picking party over country. So when the Republicans mention Vice President Biden’s son, or when they attack the whistleblower, or question the patriotism and motivation of Lieutenant Colonel Vyndman, a soldier who earned a Purple Heart in the service of our nation, they think that we are all so stupid that we’ll believe them.”

More of the same, as she continued with a warning to the GOP, “Well, guess what? WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH THEIR LIES AND BULLS***! And because the entire Republican party has belittled the intelligence of the great people of this country, we are coming for them, and we are coming for their seats. There are 322 days until the election. What will you do? What will you do? We will vote them out! We will vote them all out!”

Then the kumbaya moment: “Now I want to finish up. I want to end with a special chant but I want us to think of it like a prayer, okay? I need you all to reach deep, reach deep into your heart and reach deep into your soul; I want you to look at the person next to you and hold their hands. Everybody hold hands. Allow yourself to be moved by what is happening tonight. Repeat after me. I! Believe! That ! We! Will! Win!”

Breitbart reported that disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill also addressed the crowd, eloquently stating, “You know what’s great? Everything, everything is a blessing and a curse, right? But tonight I can be here and I’m not a member of Congress and this is a solemn, solemn, thing. But I can say tonight, (yelling) It’s time to impeach the mother f*****!”

Video of Milano below: