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WATCH: Alleged Democratic Official Tells Conservatives Marching On MLK Day: ‘Die In A Fire’

By  Hank Berrien
Photo by Margarita Sonnenberg/EyeEm/GettyImages

On January 20, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, conservatives marched in Seattle in what was billed as a “MAGA March against Racism and Bigotry.” That prompted an alleged Democratic official who was standing with Antifa activists to shout at the conservatives that they should “die in a fire!”

The event was billed on Facebook like this: “Dion of The Colored Conservatives is hosting a MAGA March against Racism and Bigotry! We will celebrate the message of Dr. Martin Luther King. Say No to Antifa, Supremacist and bigotry of all stripes. Value the content of ones character above all else.”

But Chase Cross, who is listed as the first Vice Chair of the 37th Legislative Democrats and serves as the Events Director for the King County Young Democrats, standing with masked Antifa members, shouted at the racially diverse group, “Die in a fire!” as Jason Rantz of KTTH reported.

Rantz noted that a video of Cross also showed him saying to the marchers they should to “get the [expletive] out of here.” Rantz added, “Cross has confirmed it is him in the video after the Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo highlighted the video, shot by conservative activist Katie Daviscourt.”

Rantz noted that on Twitter, Cross identifies as a Seattle socialist.

The 37th Legislative Democrats write on their website, “We are the local Democratic Party organization for the 37th Legislative District in Washington State. We believe that politics is the art of bringing folks together to solve problems. We are committed to creating a more perfect democracy by helping to elect and support local Democrats through donations and direct action.”

Media Research Council (MRC) reported, ”According to video from the event, Antifa activists continued screaming and cursing during a speech by a female Pakistani immigrant, then yelled ‘F*** you, Uncle Tom’ during remarks by a black Trump supporter.”

MRC added:

Katie Daviscourt, a TPUSA rep on the ground in Seattle, said she asked Antifa why they were screaming at black police officers on MLK Day. “I asked Antifa Militants how they feel yelling ‘All cops are bastards at black police officers on Martin Luther King Day?’ They responded with ‘All cops are bastards,’” she tweeted.

Video below:


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