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WATCH: Alec Baldwin, Wife Snap At Reporters Who Ask Questions About Ongoing Investigation
US actor Alec Baldwin attends DreamWorks Animation's "The Boss Baby: Family Business" premiere at SVA Theatre on June 22, 2021 in New York City.
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Alec Baldwin snapped at reporters on Saturday who were following him around in Manchester, Vermont, as he and his family have tried to lay low ever since the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins happened on the set of “Rust” last week.

“Let’s go, what do you want to know?” Baldwin asked.

“Alright, Alec, what’s the current state of what’s going on with the case?” a reporter asked.

“I’m not allowed to make any comments because it’s an ongoing investigation,” Baldwin fired back. “I’ve been ordered by the sheriff’s department in Santa Fe. I can’t answer any questions about the investigation. I can’t. It’s an active investigation in terms of a woman died, she was my friend. She was my friend.”

“The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start shooting, I took her to dinner with Joel, the director,” Baldwin said.

At that moment, Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, walked up to him appearing to shake her head in an effort to get him to stop talking to the media, at which point Baldwin, appearing agitated, dismissed her, saying, “Excuse me.”

Hilaria snapped at the reporter when they forgot the name of the victim, saying, “Halyna. Her name is Halyna. If you’re spending this much time waiting for us, you should know her name. Her name is Halyna.”

Hilaria once again interjected when her husband was asked a question, to which Alec Baldwin had to motion to her that he, not she, was going to answer the questions.

“I do know that an ongoing effort to limit the use of firearms on filmsets is something I’m extremely interested in,” he said, later adding that he was not an expert on firearms.

Alec and Hilaria said that they stopped to talk to the reporters because the reporters were following them around and their children were crying in the car. They asked that the reporters stop following them and to give them privacy.



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