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WATCH: Adam Carolla On Obama’s 29-Hour Audiobook: ‘I Was Only Able To Listen To The First 17 Hours On The Toilet This Morning’
Courtesy of Fox News

On Thursday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hosted comedian and author Adam Carolla to discuss Barack Obama’s new autobiography, “A Promised Land,” the audiobook version featuring Obama reading takes 29 hours to read. When Carlson asked Carolla if Obama ever took credit for the “mismanagement, the division he caused within the country over eight years,” Carolla replied, “I don’t know; I was only able to listen to the first 17 hours on the toilet this morning so I haven’t gotten to the rest of the book.”

The segment began with Carlson asking, “Well, if you had a few days of free time to do literally whatever you wanted, how would you spend it? We’re not life-show hosts, we’re just talk-show hosts, but we do have a humble suggestion. You might want to consider listening to Barack Obama talk about himself in his second autobiography, for 29 hours straight. It sounds a little crazy, but listen to this sample from his new audiobook and try to ask yourself, are you not irresistibly attracted to that idea? Here it is.”

Carlson then played the audio clip of Obama reading from the book:

OBAMA: She generally avoided talking to me about the horserace aspects of the campaign. Which is why I was surprised when in bed later that night she turned to me and said, “You’re going to win, aren’t you?” “A lot can still happen, but yea, there’s a pretty good chance I will.” I looked at my wife. Her face was pensive as if she was working out a puzzle in her mind. Finally, she nodded to herself and returned my gaze … “You’re gonna win,’”she said softly. She kissed me on the cheek, turned out the bedside lamp and pulled the covers over her shoulders.

Carlson laughed, “Wasn’t he supposed to be a great writer? What did they always tell you, ‘He’s a great writer.’ Really?  Too many adverbs. Too stilted. Reads like a PG version of a Stacey Abrams soft-core novel (which we strongly prefer).”

Carlson turned to Carolla, saying, “He has some ideas of how you might spend 29 hours of free time.” He asked Carolla, “How would you spend 29 hours?”

“Well, first off, let me tell you how big this book is,” Carolla started. “I downloaded it today, and my phone got heavier. I think it’s $19 bucks at Amazon but shipping is $1,700.”

Carlson noted, “Look, he’s not much older than either one of us. He was president, I’ll give him that, for two terms, that’s great. But two autobiographies before you’re 60, I think we can say he doesn’t have a self-esteem problem.”

“No, you know, as I was sort of thinking about this subject, I thought it’s interesting,” Carolla commented. “Our current president, everyone accuses of being an insane narcissist. Everyone thinks he’s an egomaniac narcissist. But the reality is that Obama is a bigger narcissist than Trump. Trump comes in a narcissist package… Trump comes in a narcissist package you can see from outer space. Obama’s kind of like a stealth fighter jet, but he’s much more of a narcissist than Trump is, and I know a lot of people would go, ‘How is that possible?’ It is. I believe that if you took those guys and you squeezed them and you got every drop of narcissism out of them that Obama’s beaker would be much more full of narcissism than Trump.”

“I wonder in the 29 hours does he acknowledge his mismanagement, the division he caused within the country over eight years paved the way for Trump? Does he ever take credit for that, I wonder?” Carlson asked.

Carolla, “I don’t know; I was only able to listen to the first 17 hours on the toilet this morning so I haven’t gotten to the rest of the book.”

“Are you clearing your schedule, I hope?” Carlson queried.

“Yes, I am,” Carolla answered. “The thing about Obama is nobody is better than saying nothing than Obama. If there was a Hall of Fame for people that delivered no message but in a fantastic package, I think that’s Obama.”

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