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WATCH: Activist Rips Open Door Of Citizen’s Car. Citizen Leaps Out, Flattens Him.
Tear gas and fireworks mix as Black Lives Matter supporters demonstrate in Portland, Oregon on July 4, 2020 for the thirty-eighth day in a row at Portland's Justice Center and throughout Portland,
Photo by John Rudoff/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Over the weekend, an activist got a rude awakening near the Justice Center in Portland when he opened the door of a car that was stationary on the street.

The driver leaped out of the car, executed a perfect leg-sweep takedown, then crouched over the supine activist, thundering at him, “Don’t you EVER, EVER come into my vehicle again! Do you understand me?!”

As the other suddenly frightened members of the group, identified as Antifa, scurried away, one calling out from a safe distance, “Well, get the f*** out of here,” the driver continued yelling at the supine man, “Do you understand me? Get up!”

The supine man protested, “I wasn’t trying to do anything.”

The driver was having none of it, yelling, “Get up!”

As he climbed back in his car and closed the door, the other activists, suddenly more courageous, started taunting the driver: “Get the f*** out of here!”

“That’s on video!” one yelled. “What was that?!” another asked.

Then, one of the members of the group made a shocking revelation: “He’s got arrows in the back of his car. He’s got a bag of bows! He’s got arrows in his car. Hey, we need a bunch of people down here now! Bow and arrows! Let’s take a picture of his license plate.”

Video of the incident has circulated online:

As The Daily Wire noted, the Seattle Times reported Monday on the actions of a self-styled “anti-fascist” group operating in the area:

A report in the Seattle Times claims that an “anti-fascist” group, the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, is behind a month-long period of violent unrest in downtown Portland, Oregon, and is supplying and arming protesters who have staged nightly attacks on law enforcement officials in an effort to emancipate and occupy a federal courthouse.

The Times stated that authorities are investigating the group, which the Times described as “emerging as a persistent militant voice” in the riots in Portland.

The Times wrote:

For the Youth Liberation Front’s anonymous leaders, these protests are part of the revolution. They are resolutely anti-capitalist and anti-fascist, and express disdain for those who work for reform within what they view as a failing political system …  three of their leaders, one of whom identified himself as still in high school, said they were spurred to activism over a range of issues that included climate change, law enforcement misconduct and the rise of right-wing hate groups.

“The group’s leaders remain anonymous, and its Twitter page urges community members to join them in the streets while also commenting in real time about what is unfolding,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Last Friday, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf commented on the protests in Portland. “I think what we see in Portland is really a smaller example of what we see around the country regarding some of the civil unrest and the attacks on law enforcement,” he said. “We’ve had to send in additional individuals. We’re making arrests. But there has been violence, there’s been assaults on federal law enforcement officers. And it really just shouldn’t occur. We should have more support of the local police there.”

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